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Dom Ellis writes "Tearaway is effervescent."

"It feels like a celebration."

"It’s bursting with ideas, it’s ridiculously good fun to play, and is consistently playful with story, character and design."

"The aesthetic is stunning, the music is catchy and bizarre: it is the ideal spiritual successor to Little Big Planet, and we believe it’s the Vitas best game."

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TomShoe1821d ago

Tearaway has sold about 14k as of the last NPD.


DCfan1821d ago

I swear, the gamers are the one killing this industry, not corps like EA and Actvision.
Oh well, i guess gamers are too busy playing the latest assassin's creed and cod. Its sony's fault aswell for their shit marketing.

TheLastGuardian1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Me when I read this news:


All my hopes of getting a sequel went down the drain. It's a damn shame so few people will get to experience such a lovely game. Shame on Vita owners who didn't support this.

khyu77771821d ago

This game deserves higher score

zero_gamer1821d ago

This score translates to 8.5 on a X/10 scale. Don't see how it's a bad score. I've seen less.

SilentSolid1820d ago

Gonna buy it soon. But i'm playing terraria and rainbow moon on psvita atm.