Check Out Unboxing Pictures of Valve’s Steam Machine

AliveGameZone - Valve has begun delivering the first batch of its Steam Machine to the 300 lucky beta selectors and some have already started posting unboxing videos and pictures online.

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level 3601863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Looks a lot like my first edition Elite XBox360.. only more square-shaped and with much better plugs/connections at the back.

It's a PC basically passing out as a console.

A ponsole?

Saw the video with the crates and all.. very professional.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1862d ago

I love the crate it came in, the only thing that has put me off slightly about the steam box despite good feeback is the controller, it just looks horrible... obviously it's down to a matter of taste but I just don't like it. Certainly want to try the OS if it can be put into a dual boot config though.

ChrisW1862d ago

It's a pwnsole!

Aiyaiyaiii! That was bad... Sorry!

Gamer19821862d ago

Alienware have been building mini pcs exactly the same as this for years now. It looks exactly like an alienware PC... Check out the X51 to see what I mean.

elweon1862d ago

You can install SteamOS on that and have a dedicated gaming machine in your living room :) just get a controller

ChrisW1861d ago

Alienware *has* been building mini PCs...


_QQ_1863d ago

Game over! gabe knows best

BX811863d ago

I've seen a couple of articles on this, but what exactly is a steam machine? Is it a PC? Thanks for the help.

Are_The_MaDNess1863d ago

yes its a PC with a OS based on Linux that can also stream windows games from another Windows PC.

but then again. any PC with this OS is a "Steam Machine" only difference between this and another computer is the OS and the neat Package

JackieCruise691863d ago

I can't wait for this to be available, I was thinking I'd have to choose between Ps4 or Xbox One but Steam Machine solved that issue. :)

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