Microsoft: PS4 and Xbox One selling well is "great news" for the industry

Xbox chief of staff says sales performance for new consoles is a positive overall for the business.

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Godz Kastro1769d ago

Exactly... I wish both systems a great run as it turns out the competition will benefit us all.

Blaze9291769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

exactly. It just benefits "some" - more - if one, is selling, more - for some, reason.

slimeybrainboy1769d ago

Are they actually selling well though? They are selling fast but couldnt considering that consoles reached 80 mil a piece last gen is 2/3 mil anything to shout about?

To me it just indicates that people were hungry for next gen after a 7 year cycle, and that people are more aware of preordering and online shopping than previous generations.

MS said that the 360 had double the preorders of the 360 but that doesnt mean that there will be 160 million Xbox One's out there in ten years, especially considering that both consoles are selling similarly, this doesnt look like a generation of domination, it's going to be relaitively close.

Selling 2/3 million is great but what if it's just us hardcore getting on board early. What if there's 20 million casual people that arent going to be interested over the course of the next 5 years. They always say this is a marathon not a sprint.

hazardman1769d ago


Come on dude, you know the answer to that. You trying to start something? Both PS4 and Xbox One are selling well! Just one better than other is all.
Im happy they both doing good. The PS4 was great console now messing with Xbox One another great console IMO.. Steambox next? Only time will tell..

slimeybrainboy1769d ago


I wasnt bashing MS, Sony, consoles, or PC. Just saying we live in a world now with the internet.

I was just throwing the idea out there that these strong early sales could be an indication of the changes in the market these consoles are selling to, not the potential lifetime sales of these consoles.

I wasn't saying that they will sell more or less, just a thought.

jatakk1769d ago

Agree, more buyers means more developers can focus their resources on next-gen sooner with less risk. It's a win win situation for everyone.

Mr Pumblechook1769d ago

After some of Microsoft's decisions earlier this year they are perceived to be pro casual TV user and anti-gamer. So this is PR spin to get back on the side of gamers .

Hercules1891769d ago

Every system is going the way of all in one now, Microsoft just advertises all of its functions more. They are in no way abandoning gamers. Yeah Microsoft had some years where there were droughts but so did Sony. The first 2 years of ps3 didnt have much to offer, neither did 2012.

DCfan1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

What would be good for the industry is seeing a couple refreshing IPs every year

That dream is why im not going on the next gen train

Hercules1891769d ago

I can count at least 4 new IPs that are exclusive to X1 that have been already announced.

fractured741769d ago

I thought new ip was release next year,silly me for thinking that.

Volkama1769d ago

Ryse and knack are fresh. Make of that what you will.

Gamer6661769d ago

Neither is as bad as reviewers put them out to be. They could use some work but the basis is there for each one to become a long term IP.

Cherchez La Ghost1769d ago

Much respect for the X1 & PS4. Got both and enjoying them very much.

strickers1769d ago

Exactly what all the sensible people say.

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