You, Kinect and the Xbox One

IM PLAYIN considers how the Kinect could make the perfect accompaniment to the Xbox One but that, at times, it doesn't quite work as it's supposed to.

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Excalibur1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Facial recognition,voice recognition, Infrared, night vision and a heart rate monitor all hooked to the internet that sends information back to a company that has already been caught spying on it's users, filed pattens to continue spying on it's users and is in bed with the NSA, no thanks I'll pass.

And no, I don't have anything to hide but that doesn't mean I want my privacy invaded either.

Mark my words, it's only a matter of time before it gets out that some Microsoft employee or some police or government agency or a common criminal uses it to invaded someones home before some of you folks get it.
Then they will sit around and wonder "how'd that happen?" it happened because you gave them permission to make it happen.

Wikkid6661772d ago

Kinect has been out for years now... where are the stories or leaks?

Pogmathoin1772d ago

This has nothing to do with NSA or any other crap. Excalibur and his fanboy ilk simply do not like MS, with its much more secure network. Even if Kinect made world peace possible, trust me, these miserable people would still find a fault.

Belking1772d ago sound silly and paranoid. People here on n4g claim ps eye can do what kinect can but at the same time they complain about being spied on with kinect but remain silent about ps go figure.

NoLongerHereCBA1772d ago


Couldn't agree more with Wikkid666. If you are paranoid, don't buy the device. If you aren't bothered by it, or don't do anything funky when the device is on/connected to the internet and like the system; buy it. That's all there is to it.

mcstorm1772d ago

So in what you have said you don't own any device that is connect to the internet or use any online service? O wait you must do some of it your on here. Get over it if someone wants to monitor you and your activities they can they don't need you to own a Xbox one to do that.

I'm loving my Xbox one and I'm glad Microsoft put Kinect with it its a great device and works very well and has added things to the Xbox one to make it stand out to the Wiiu and ps4.

iamnsuperman1772d ago

I don't agree with the inclusion of the device (for various sane reason) . But that isn't because of it spying on me (which is ludicrous). If they were spying, Microsoft wouldn't need a camera to do that anyway (They could gain far more useful information quicker via preferences and what content you watch). They are not spying on you

sak5001772d ago

I'd bet you'll love this when it's included in ps5. Same way you guys hated achievements or made excuses for lack of rumble as old gen and not needed only till the time sony didn't include in newer controllers.

Bigpappy1772d ago

This is all you people do here. You go into PS4 article and praise even the worst games and practices, then instead of coming and just reading the experiences of someone who is actually using the tech and detailing the experience, you instead come to talk about NSA and Spying. What is most disappointing, is that you have a lot of others spurring you on, as you have a lot of bubbles and more than your fear share of agrees.

TheKayle11772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

excalibur if u scared ..get the ps4 and hope they will secure psn better than the last gen

@on tv there was nice series about ppl like him....the most famous was theres doomsday preppers or doomsday bunkers reality shows ... better u start to use this

Sayai jin1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

This is not a personal attack. Seriously, Excalibur do you own a XB1? If not you have no worries about the company or goverment spying on you from the XB1. However, do you own a cell phone, do you go out in public, etc. You obviously have internet so do you make any online purchases. Well read the fine orint on most agreements dealing with communications and you'd be surprised, The government /police already track your phone, if it is turned on they can monnitor everywhere you go, Also, nost city streets in Germany, UK, France, Spain, US, Japan, Singapore, Austrailia, etc have cameras that are always watching. I have visited many other countries that do this as well. When you go and purchase soemthing in a store your picture and vitals (SSN/identification, address, etc) are all recorded, some stores even record your voice while you communicate with the salesperson. So you finally make it home and your safe right, well you leave your cell phone on...they track waht time you got home and god knows what else. So in a normal day if they really wanted to watch you, they could tell when you left your house, who you talked to, what you talked about, where and what your shopped for, what route you took to get to your destiantion, what you surfed on the net, where and what you had for lunch, etc. I understand as we all want our privacy, but Your privacy is already invaded.

Pull up all of your contracts for phone, credit cards, etc and see what you gave them permission to do. You'd be surprised...not just you in general, but most would be surprised.

JasonXE1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Boy, you are on the INTERNET. You are being spied on right now! Cut the paranoia it's looking silly for you Sony fans. I'm sure when the NSA infiltrates Sony's servers without them knowing, you also are waving your arms around being vocal too huh? Of course not.

If little hackers can repediately break into PSN, you think the NSA hasn't/isn't doing the same with they way they infiltrated Xbox Live and World of Warcraft without the owners even knowing?

Silly pig. Don't play in the mud for too long it's bad for your health.

sak5001772d ago

@SDF member excallibur

At least if you have nothing to hide than it's not an issue if NSA or any one gets the information and it's for some govt agency not getting your credit card information leaked online by hackers for all the world to see.

Go smoke some more of the sony weed and come up with better excuses.

air11772d ago

So i suppose ppl that have cameras around their entire house for protection are really not protecting them selves? Whats to stop the gov. Or anyone else from invading your home in that situation?

If you dont like the xb1 thats fine but do you really have to get dramatic about it... Im mean.. Man... You are scared for your life to own one!

Excalibur1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

All one need do is simply turn on the T.V. or read a news paper to see it is in fact happening, get your head out of the sand and Microsoft's rear end and come to grips with reality.

Click on my account and you will see I own both systems but mostly game on the 360, BTW I have a gamer score of 107035 and well over 200 games listed,all of which I own, I'm pretty sure that doesn't make me a hater of Microsoft and a fan Boi of Sony, I am and shall always be a gamer and do not worship a piece of plastic or billion dollar companies.

@ The rest of the folks that want to spew the nonsense about PC's, the Interwebs, cellphones and so on.
Thank you for proving my point, you claim we aren't being spied on then say we are by all those devices, make up your minds.
I use a VPN service to surf the web more securely and more anonymous, I own a cellphone but the GPS is disabled and stays off unless I'm using it.
Yes there are tracking cookies (Which I've disabled) and so on, I like my privacy and take measures to keep as much of it as possible.

I'm not going to get into the rest of that nonsense but if you know we are being tracked by those various devices why in the world would you gladly put a video and audio recording device in your living-room and sign agreements to make it that much easier to track you?

As far as paranoia, I may be paranoid but that doesn't mean they aren't watching. ;)

TheKayle11772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Nsa or other agencies caj already intercept whatever they want... Ur mobile convo ur data packet sebt through ur vpn etc etc
Every mobile is a webcam and every mobile phone is a mic

Add tablets.. Smart tv with cams like the new samsung models.. Add laptop abd pcs

Man if u scared to be intercepted really the tech world Isnt done for u

Ps. Yes def u r paranoid.. Dont take it like an attack

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Goku7811772d ago

IMO Kinect is not worth the price of admission, and the system even after release still looks under powered, with games that come across as incomplete micro transactions. How many games make full use of Kinect that it had to be packaged in?

Francis21772d ago

I must admit that I agree with you there. I've had my Xbox One since release and, although the Kinect integration is fun so far, it really is lacking release titles, or title (singular) for that matter.

From playing the demo of Sports Rivals, I can see the potential for the Kinect and Kinect based games, they just need to hurry up and release them!

clae11772d ago

You can say the same for ps4. Most games are just indies available on pc, only one exclusive AAA title and relying on multiplats that are available on last gen. So, by your reasoning no one should buy ps4 aswell. But core gamers know that games will come to these new systems which will make use of what the systems have to offer, we just need to wait and enjoy what we have right now.

Letthewookiewin1772d ago

I was thinking about picking up a XBone alongside the PS4 I have but the cons outweigh the pros, and it will take more than Titanfall and Halo for me to pick one up. Titanfall is way too overhyped by the way. It's the main thing X1 owners have to cling to and looking at it.. Not that great.

Lalanana1772d ago

Cool story. Enjoy your ps4. :-)

parentsbasement1772d ago

it "may not" be that great.....I don't think its out yet....


What are the pros and cons? And since it will take more than Halo and Titanfall for you to get an xb1, what game did you feel like you had to have for the ps4.

I owned a ps4, but got rid of it for now, because of its weak game selection.

Letthewookiewin1772d ago

Con's: Weak system it's already been proven with multiplat's ie Battlefield 4 (lower res and can't keep up framerate) the gap is only going to get wider, it's more expensive, forced to buy Kinect, I don't buy cable so it's features are useless, the most highly touted exclusive Tfall looks like a X360 game. Pro's: Remedy and played the heck out of Alan Wake sooooo, I may have to pick one up for that.

CYCLEGAMER1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

I can tell you, after owning both that that in a real world scenario the resolution difference is barely noticeable, if playing both games at the same time, you may be able to see a slight difference when you pause the game.

IMO there is not a single game that shows that the ps4 is "better" than the xb1. In all honesty the xb1 is offering a better next gen gaming experience than the ps4. The system feels and operates more like something new.

IMO the features and the new next gen games make the xb1 more than worth the price of admission.

I wouldn't recommend a ps4 to anyone until next year when more games are available for it. Right now, its a boring console.

Side note: You don't need cable to enjoy what kinect has to offer, tv is just one of the features not the only feature. Instantly switching between games and apps, is a very underated feature that has a good use for gamers and none gamers.

KingDadXVI1772d ago

@MELMAN26 Well said. I have an Xbox One but am waiting for my kids to open it on Christmas (10 more days:) before I get to play it so I am depending on the internet to get my Xbox One jollies right now. I am going to get a PS4 at some point but the earliest will be next Christmas and only if they get some decent games out. Indie games are great but I don't lay out that kind of money to play Indie games.

I can't wait to play the damn thing. I am super excited for the Kinect and all of the new features and even more excited to be a part of the generation that will experience so much evolution with that console.

People can hate MS and Kinect all they want but they have provided nothing but innovation since they entered the console market in 2001. I would hate to see how shitty that market would be if MS had not kept changing the way we play games.

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parentsbasement1772d ago

Yes, most people here are so damn interesting that people sit at a desk 24/7 and watch them through Kinect....get over yourselves

NeXXXuS1772d ago

People could be naked, you know. XD

sak5001772d ago

Same way on a ps4 owner who removed his drunk wife's shirt and uploaded it on one of the video streaming sites.

NeXXXuS1772d ago

@sak - That was a live video feed being posted by the actual user. It's the complete opposite of what is being discussed.

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