Is that a PS4?

Graham from Codec Moments writes: "‘Is that a PS4?’ My wife asked me the other night, like many new bits of tech I had snuck it into the house under cover of darkness. My sneakiness had been undone after my better half wondered why she had just dusted two PS3′s. ’Yes it is’ I answered with my chest pumped out in pride. ’Why the bloody hell do you need another console’ was her reply to which I started to think ‘Yes, why do I need it?’."

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curtis923206d ago

It'd be cool if people read this before posting based on the title/description

iamnsuperman3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

But I was going to make a joke about it clearly being a disappointing park and not a PS4. Ruin all my fun Curtis92

Edit: OT: I do understand the authors thought process. Launch is always crap. The only reason why I got a PS4 now rather than later (6 months time) is because I knew in six months time I wouldn't have the money (and so be waiting longer). I had the money now so I thought why not. These things are investments anyway

Ju3206d ago

Same here. Playing my PS3 more lately. One reason might be I got a ton of free or cheap games and have 4 or more games for the PS4...maybe I have a short attention span. I'll probably be back on AC4 during the holidays.

I don't regret jumped on so early onto the PS4, but I kind of agree that there isn't much coming right now...but having both, PS3 and PS4 is quite alright that early in the game, me thinks. Games will come, I enjoyed what I have played so far. Big hitters are yet to release, though. I more thinking Destiny and Watchdogs, actually. I hope Drive Clup will be fine. I am craving a next gen racer.

Visiblemarc3206d ago

You know what else would be cool? If people stopped writing cheapskate, clickbait pieces about letting other people invest in tech platforms for them while they "wait it out."

MatrixxGT3206d ago

"I do close my eyes when a Xbox One ad comes on as I would quite like to play Forza 5 and Dead Rising but it wouldn’t make me buy the Xbox as a long term solution."

This. Waiting 6mo to buy is a wise decision though but I am a early adopter and I had to have it now. After staring at last gen for 7 long years i was in need of a refresh. X1's media features are nice but not for me. I dont even buy cable tv nor watch it. I work many hours and use gaming to relax, I have netflix to watch movies when I don't want to game or get off my butt and start checking stuff off my honey do list.

assdan3206d ago

I'm very happy with my ps4 purchase, and certainly wouldn't go back. That being said, I can understand why you wouldn't get a next gen console yet, and there is no reason you NEED one at this point, especially if you have ps3, which is still getting a few more AAA games.

BOWZER353206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

You can say that with almost anything, not just video games. But ya I feel like sometimes I take my video game obsession or n4g addiction too far. In the end video games are just games, and sometimes I forget why I bought mine in the first place. That was to spend time with my family. Life is more important. I LET THIS SITE RUIN GAMING FOR ME, IM MOVING ON.


Edit: Final Comment, nice knowing everyone. Give me some agrees please. Never got more then 10. GAME ON.

Armadilo213206d ago

Is that a PS4 ? no it's my everything

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