SteamOS 1.0 Beta interface in pictures

A quick look at the interface of Valve's own operating system, the SteamOS, in 30+ pictures.

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Akradon1766d ago

Really don't like the desktop. Looks....old. The icons just look strange. The main steam program looks the same as I already have.

Somebody1766d ago

Familiarity so users can adapt faster than re-learning everything between two different interfaces. That's what MS is doing with Windows 8 across several devices including X Box One.

edqe1766d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

The desktop is old. It's GNOME 3.4 with weird settings, huge fonts and without most of the GNOME applications.

Stock GNOME 3.4:

Stock GNOME 3.10 (newest):

GNOME 3.12 will be released Mar 26 2014.

Unless Valve is going to make it impossible, you are able to switch to any other desktop you like, make any changes the current one or make one by yourself.

I'm still quite doubtful if the final SteamOS is going to have any desktop pre-installed.

CrusRuss1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Why didn't valve just make a steam client for Linux like mac osx. I don't understand this new version of steam. Last time I installed steam it was like 50 megs. So this version must come with lots of games or something to be 900 megs.

I was going to download this version and see if it works on my mac osx but I doubt it will work coz I don't have lineux setup yet.

DOMination-1765d ago

This is an operating system.

CrusRuss1765d ago

Are you sure? I thought it was an OS for steam. i.e. new client etc.

elweon1765d ago

There already is a linux native Steam client.

The SteamOS is made for SteamBox-type machines. That is machines that are dedicated for gaming in your living room, whether you buy an official SteamBox or build your own machine. It is not a replacement of your desktop, more like a replacement for your old xbox or playstation.

odnomzagi1765d ago

Resolution is intentionally low (1024x768) on screenshots. Check this:

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lastofgen1766d ago

after some usage, I'm not really feeling this os.
granted, it's just a beta, but still.
anyone else have any thoughts on it?

Feralkitsune1766d ago

ITS NOT MEANT TO REPLACE NORMAL OSs. It's made for the living room and for gaming.

Pandamobile1766d ago

Still boggles my mind how misinformed people are about what SteamOS is, even after apparently installing and using it.

Maxor1766d ago

Agree. It's Steam. It's not meant to do anything else and shockingly enough it looks just like Steam.

Mind blown.

CrusRuss1765d ago

Too dark and no start menu or other features. Gonna give it a pass.

odnomzagi1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

"no start menu"

It's not true. Menu:

"or other features."

You have 30+ thousand installable Debian package in wheezy repository ( ) . FYI: SteamOS is based on Debian 7.0 (aka. wheezy).


jayswolo1766d ago

All that damn scrolling you have to do, damn. Wish someone would try radial selection.

s45gr321766d ago

Looks like Big Picture Mode hopefully an improved version of it

elweon1765d ago

This is not a replacement for your Desktop. It's supposed to be a lightweight Operating system that boots right into Steam in big screen mode for people looking to buying/building a dedicated gaming machine for the living room.