Capcom Revealed New Ultra Street Fighter IV Screenshots

Capcom revealed two new gameplay modes for Ultra Street Fighter IV during the Capcom Cup fighting tournament in San Francisco. The two new modes are online training mode and Team Battle mode. In Online training mode players can play online with their fellow fighters and in team battle players can play three on three battles.

Check the new screenshots below:

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mediate-this1794d ago

This is me, a person who loves fighters saying who cares. I literally am just so peeved with capcom and their b.s business ways. I havent played my last gen systems since my new gen. I love the fgc but sometimes i feel like their backwards.

Kennytaur1794d ago

You haven't played your PS360 since the new consoles? But that's like, a whole two weeks!

OT: It was time for SF5 a couple years ago, stop churning out the same game.

mediate-this1794d ago

Ya man, my ps360 are on my dresser in my room, they use to be in my living room but my ps4 xb1 n wii u are there. I gotta set it up, bring internet to my room to play them online. I just find it hard to play ps360 while i have xb1 n ps4, but i have all the games i loved and have not even played on my ps360 also. I got a crazy crazy back log.

Kennytaur1793d ago

Oh, don't talk to me about backlogs. That monstrosity will keep my PS3 firmly connected for a good while yet. ;-)

I don't have an XO yet though, holding off for the Slim version or for some game to win me over.

Thankfully the Wii U has BC, so I don't need to have the old Wii hooked up to finish that catalogue.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1794d ago

I think they milked this long enough. It's time for SF5...Although after how bad SF4 was I wouldn't really care for another one if it's too similar. After all, Capcom loves to rely on rehashes.

saphiron1794d ago

Im agreeing on the milking But Street fighter 4 bad, Just no.

HurstDarkStar1794d ago

Take it from someone who actually still had to tournments and still try to level up, These "rehashes are what still keeps us competitive because they change up the formula. Do we want a brand new one yeah sure but it can wait.

princejb1341793d ago

they should bring a new third strike type gameplay or another alpha
i also didn't like sf4 to much

mediate-this1794d ago

What gets me is that capcom says their financial state would not allow a next gen streetfighter till 2016 or something. But that makes zero sense. They should have released this game for ps4 n xb1 along with old gen. This game wont get new adopters, it caters to fgc, the hardcore fgc playing old gen fighters.

Baka-akaB1794d ago

Who knows if it aint in the cards ? And this version isnt even about attracting newcomers , it is precisely a reward to a supportive community that WANTED a new rebalanced version with new stuff

mediate-this1794d ago

Version 2012 is ragarded as the best balanced fighter, have you even read the changes they did to these characters? Im massive into the fgc, i just dont seee turning my ps3 or 360 on to play online just for ultra. And streetfighter is my fave all time, i dont like the redfocus, chun li seems to be over powered. Alot of things that im not liking. If it comes out on new systems ill probably buy it. Who knows, me being a fan ill probably buy it for old gen, but playing it might be different.

Baka-akaB1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

I do follow the changes , i like plenty obviously for my chars , i'm still iffy about some stuff and waiting to try some others in context .

Too much is impossible to truly judge without the whole balance of all characters , moves and additions like delayed wake up , double ultras and red focus .

Besides 2012 being touted as the most balanced version yet , meant little for some under appreciated and overlooked characters , who'd never get much visibility at the top , due to popularity or unfair advantages to others .

Finally it is supposed to redistribute the cards and shuffle things around , so of course some will be pissed , and well it's their turn to be and deal with nerfs or disavantages for a change

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