Amazon Last Minute Video Game Deals: BEYOND, TLOU $35 BF4 $40

"Online retailer Amazon has recently kicked off their Last Minute Deals for gamers, which include BEYOND: Two Souls The Last of Us Battlefield 4 and a lot more!"

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Sitdown1769d ago

Amazon having had TLOU for $25 during Thanksgiving is still the best deal I have seen to date.

CursedHero1769d ago

You date best deal?! WAH! Terrible joke, thus, I already disagree with myself @[email protected]

ABizzel11769d ago


Nope that goes to Nebraska Furniture Mart aka

They had TLOU and Beyond on sale BF for only $19.

ajax171769d ago

So glad I got my copy during that $25 dollar lighting sale. They sold out in like 10 minutes or so.

DarknessShado1769d ago

I might get need for speed for forty thn upgrade to my ps4 for 10 dollars. Better than buying a $60 game

Sam Fisher1768d ago

I did it for bf4, i got it for p3 for 25$ and then upgraded, so 35$ for a p4 game

DarknessShado1768d ago

smart man im hoping the price may get lower but dont wanna miss out on my chance waiting. i know the ps3 to ps4 upgrade wont last too long as sony stated