GTA V 1.07 money glitch still live after update

Product-Reviews writes: We can tell you that players appear to have once again beaten Rockstar with the 1.07 update. It looks like GTA V 1.07 money glitches are still being found and we have evidence of one that appears to be still working after the update has landed.

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C-H-E-F1857d ago

Hopefully when it comes to next gen.. (if it comes to next gen) they have it all fixed and everything.

Akradon1857d ago

I'm assuming it will. I think they will bring out an 'Ultimate' edition. One with all the DLC or something for X1/PS4. (Technically it's not next-gen anymore :P)

tr00p3r1857d ago

Ultimate Edition sounds about right.. more $$$ for Rockstar.

Mr Sadistic1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

Why do you assume it will you think they are going to completely recode this game for next gen... no they are not. They tried plenty of times to patch this glitch. Problems burried deep within the games code.

According to Ubisoft they made the deliberate decision not to improve the visual quality too much to ensure that the Xbox One and PS4 editions of the game wouldn’t completely outclass the last-gen, and as a direct result the graphical leap between consoles isn’t as large as one would expect or hope.

This straight from a article I can give you the link if you want. Are you fukn serious. Lame ass shit bro that's exactly why I ain't biying . Next gem is suppose to outclass current. WTF bro and most likely compromises the integrity of their game if modified.

Just like ac black flag and cod ghost. All that will be upgraded is minor graphical changes gameplay will remain the same, mark my words. Just look at this trash straight from ubisofts mouth about ac bf.


Audiggity1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

Really? After a weekend of playing my Xbox One I can safely say that the "next gen" has most certainly not arrived.

Haha. They should have waited to make a whole new class of games. COD Ghosts & ACIV are embarrassingly close to 360 & PS3 versions.

No matter what the excuse.

Oh, and @Mr Sadistic - just the fact that you compared Rockstar to Ubisoft and/or CoD is offensive. R* is on a totally different level than those money hungry content recyclers.

ATi_Elite1857d ago

They better fix this crap before the PC version releases along with PS4/Xb1 version.

C-H-E-F1857d ago

PC version will be exploited, when has a PC version of a game not been exploited? If they can do this on the ps3/360 I can only imagine what they will do on the PC.

iceman6001857d ago

"Product-Reviews writes: We can tell you that players appear to have once again beaten Rockstar with the 1.07 update"

so why are u idiots posting it for the web to see. I swear this new generation just keeps getting dumber and dumber.