First Impressions of Halo 3

1up and EGM have had some time in the last month with the next iteration of Microsoft's Halo series. Several folks at the site have put up their impressions of the current build of the game, including some multiplayer feelings from EGM editor-in-chief Dan Hsu, a bunch of nice crunchy details from Mark Macdonald, a nostalgia-laiden look at the game from Luke Smith, and a potpourri of details from Crispin Boyer.

To make it easier, here are the links of the guys impressions:

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Islandkiwi4456d ago

This guy is so right, but I never thought about it like this. I've owned all the consoles, and the game that keeps me coming back again and again is Halo. I'll even play the original once in a while, but Halo 2 gets popped into my console all the time.

I'm glad they're happy with what they're seeing, I can't wait for this to be out!

PS360PCROCKS4456d ago

Ha, mines paperboy!!! lol I have been playing that game a bunch later on a NES simulator, that's a classic, I was never much for Halo, I played Halo 2 a bit tho, I'm looking forward to really getting into Halo 3 tho

Munky4456d ago

you're right..well they are in the article..heheh..sorry for that doods :)

Schmitty074456d ago

I cannot wait for the Nov 14th issue!!!! I want Halo 3 sooooo bad!!

Marriot VP4456d ago

to all those people who thought Halo 3 screens looked mediocre...

"Of course, Bungie warned us earlier that this very, very early (pre-alpha) version doesn't have all the visual wows built in yet,"

"Man, I don't even want to play Halo 2 anymore," I said. "Halo 3 has spoiled me."