PS4 vs. Xbox One Sales, Marketing, Review Analysis

A comparison and analysis of the launch of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One regarding their sales numbers, marketing campaigns and reviews.

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Xbox One sells 150k units in 48 hours in UK

PS4: '250k consoles sold in 48 hours in UK'

PS4 outselling Xbox One 3.5-to-1 in Spain, Sony claims

PlayStation 4 sold 1 million units in first day of availability

Xbox One sells 909K in Nov. at U.S. retail

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These sales mean nothing until March next year when we start to see the true pattern emerge.

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Tbh at this moment in time it dose not matter as the people who wanted a Xbox one or ps4 so early in the gen life have got one. Its 12 to 18 months down the line where we will see the none core who just want to play games like cod, FIFA Ext where we will see who is ahead of who. I do have a feeling this new gen will go down the same as the last one where the Xbox one has the USA and uk and Sony has most of Europe and Japan but its too early to say one is winning as they are both doing very well at the moment. Also if you own any of the next gen consoles hope your enjoying the one or ones you got as much as I am.

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