DayZ Standalone – alpha release might be imminent

Rocket himself leaked some information...well, almost!

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ATi_Elite1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


JUST KIDDING! Yes the alpha is releasing soon. The problem was the Netcode had to be redone! So naturally while the Netcode was being done they added mores stuff to DayZ.

So after the Netcode got finished they had to complete the new work and now lock down the game for ALPHA release YIPPIE!

People need to realize that DayZ was a mod made in 2012 and to have a full fledged stand alone with SO many new features added in about a year once Bohemia Interactive gave Dean Hall Permission is pretty darn good for a small team.

I love DayZ just happily roaming around exploring and then you come across a dead body or a few dead bodies and now the game becomes a detective story as you try to figure out what happened and start cautiously looking around making sure no one else is left from the firefight or a hurd of Zombies is not lurking.

Best DayZ feature added is the ability to give players the Middle finger, Handcuffs, and Hostage taking! It's so AWESOME!

camel_toad1768d ago

I never played the mod but I've been 'hurtun to play the stand-alone for a while now and your nice little description made the wait worse ha.

I need something different like this. Sounds great.

gamerheadlines1767d ago

What about the single bullet in the chamber change? I mean, seeing a guy without a mag for his M4 and then getting shot in the head seems like a good premise for some laughs too :)

And yea, can't wait to tie people up, rob them of everything, then shoot them in the leg leaving them bleeding while giving them the middle finger!

Jovanian 1768d ago

I hope the launch goes smoothly, rocket and his team seem very passionate about their work and they really do deserve to get rewarded for it

Rzep1768d ago

I have zero faith in I think that it's more likely that WarZ is patched to be a good game than it is for Rocket to actually finish DayZ.

CrossingEden1768d ago

it's an indie game with a much smaller team, what do you expect after one year?

Smoovekid1767d ago

They did not make WarZ. lol

porkChop1767d ago

I don't think you understood his point.

MethCupcakes1768d ago

Ah, good old DayZ. People are still playing this? If I remember my sophomore year correctly it was this or Minecraft you had to be playing on PC. Everyone was playing either one, putting vids up and getting thousands of views per-day. I unfortunately chose, Minecraft. Lets just say at the end of summer in 2012 I haven't played it since. But, now i'm stuck with my terrible decision. Have it on PC, XBOX, AND iPhone. lol.... I hope this comes to PS4 so I can see what I missed out on.


I hope this comes to PS4, and that it's not an over-hyped snooze-fest like Minecraft.

Rzep1768d ago

ARMA isn't on consoles, and never will be so I doubt that DayZ will get ported over. It may be better thought out than ARMA2 but some parts of that game remain.

MethCupcakes1768d ago

Do you know what the term "Standalone" means? -__-

If you don't I feel bad for you. DayZ is no longer a mod running on ARMA, it's its own game. Idiot!

Why else would he speak about the possibility of bringing it to consoles.

Rzep1768d ago

It's running on the same engine, it's standalone version of a mod based on ARMA2, look at the videos. It may be simplified and streamline but you can still clearly see it's heritage. It's not simplified enough to work well on a pad.

hellzsupernova1768d ago

dean has actually stated that he has had talks with Sony so dont hate,

1768d ago
MethCupcakes1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

I gotta love how you have 5 phantom accounts for dislikes. *Hold the applause*

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