Tearaway (PS Vita) Review – An Unforgettable World in the Palm of Your Hands | COG

From the makers of LittleBigPlanet comes a new and enjoyable platformer for Sony’s portable gaming machine.

"With the release of the PS Vita in 2012 here in North America, finding a game that truly shows its capabilities has been quite a struggle. Personally, there hasn’t been a game that’s made me feel like the PS Vita was completely worth my purchase. That is, until now. Media Molecule, creators of the innovative Little Big Planet, has swayed my heart yet again with their latest game, Tearaway. As their creations are known to be full of creativity and innovation I couldn’t resist getting my hands on their newest title. Not only was I thrilled to experience Tearaway’s peculiar world and delightful narrative, I was also ready to be part of it, literally. Will Tearaway make heads turn and finally show naysayers what the PS Vita is truly capable of? Let’s see, shall we?

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