Capcom Announces New Modes for Ultra Street Fighter IV

Hardcore Gamer: Today at the Capcom Cup fighting game event, Capcom revealed two new gameplay modes for Ultra Street Fighter IV.

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ELpork1771d ago

The music sounds like Queens Harbor from Tekken... seriously...

CursedHero1770d ago

ELpork, I didn't realize that until you posted this. Good ears!!!

ELpork1770d ago

I probably listen to far to much Tekken music.

GSKerns1771d ago

Team battle seems a lot like King of Fighters

kagon011771d ago

This mode its gonna be a waste. I predict more than 80% shoto teams, at least in KOF you're forced to learn different fighting styles...

PurpHerbison1770d ago

This mode is going to be a waste cause it will have no competitive value. It will see use in the 1st week of the release but after that people are going back to ranked/endless/training mode for a practical grind.

PS3gamer4life1771d ago

This game is a waist sf3 is the best....but capcom wheres capcom vs snk 3 need that online

PurpHerbison1771d ago

Don't forget that Capcom revived the fighting game scene with SF4. SF3 is way too niche to be widely considered the best but I do respect your opinion cause I loved me some 3S.

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