Sonic Lost World Wii U Review | RGN

Matt of RGN writes, "Sonic Lost World is Sonic Team's first Wii U exclusive title starring Sega's blue speedy mascot. It was released in October worldwide. It released for both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, with the 3DS version acting as a companion software for the Wii U version. It follows Sonic and Tails' rescue of animals captured by Dr Robotnik/Eggman and his new allies (not for long however) the Deadly Six. The Deadly Six push a new story type that no longer relies on Eggman's character but instead pits Sonic against new foes to match the new game feel. The game supports the Gamepad, Wiimote with Classic Controller Pro or WiiMote with Nunchuck. It offers a pseudo co-op mode similar to Super Mario Galaxy allowing a second player to deploy items and kill enemies as well as off-screen play."

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