5 Actors Who Could Pull Off Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid

Junkie Monkeys: We will have to wait a couple of more years to find out who will be cast as Solid Snake in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie, but we’ve narrowed it down to five actors who could pull off the role of Solid Snake.

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BiggCMan1821d ago

Absolutely not Kit Harrington or Tom Cruise. Terrible choices in my honest opinion. Not to say they are bad actors, far from it. I just don't agree with them in the Snake role at all.

The others are fine, though Kurt Russell is a little old now but he would have been perfect around the time MGS2 or 3 came out.

bigboss19901821d ago

Leave it well alone and just make a CGI film with David hayter no ones good enough to play snake, and tom cruise wtf no way! He's 5'6 for a start and a jerk so no way lol

L0wbanR1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Christian Bale >>>>> all of them.

Permagrin1871820d ago

Link blocked at work. Tom Berenger was mentioned right?