Award Winning Fan Film of Tomb Raider, Croft, Gets Trailer and Release Date

2013′s Tomb Raider re imagining from Crystal Dynamics has received a non-profit fan film treatment. Today, CanCinema, the makers of Croft, have released a trailer and revealed the release date of December 25th 2013.

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trywizardo1830d ago

this is beautiful :)
i wish more movies based on videogames can be this good :D

svoulis1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Its really amazing how fans of a series can be so passionate and clearheaded to produce content like this. Not being an ego maniac can really pay off.

Leave it to big movie studios and they use all their own 'movie magic" to f' it all up.

This looks amazing, as did The Last of Us Fan made series.

Aleithian1830d ago

There is a Last of Us fan series?

multiplatgamer1829d ago

There is a fan film of The Last of Us but they are making a sequel to it.