Why Payday 2 Fans Are The The Most Unpleasable Community Ever

Forget LoL, WoW or any other game condescend to a three letter acronym, Payday 2 has the most unpleasable fanbase. While it is a great game to play with mates, Overkill's grand larceny simulator has an issue with angry, unpleasant gamers who think everything is terrible, even as they enjoy the game.

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IanVanCheese1768d ago

Gamers? Entitled? I won't believe it.

3-4-51768d ago

There is no reason to only have like 11 heists in the game.

No excuse for their not to be like 100.

Summons751768d ago

Probably because they are in denial that the payday games are awful left 4 dead clones with bank hiests instead of zombies. no idea how it managed to get a second game .

WeAreLegion1768d ago

Because it's the most fun co-op imaginable?

CandyFace1768d ago

Some pc communities are such douches... This does sound like one of the really bad ones. I don't own the game but it sounds like the devs are putting a lot of effort into the game and tries to make the community happy, which is obviously what almost everyday developer do but if the hate is going to continue like that, then i personally would leave the game as a developer at let the community wonder why the devs left it, in that "horrible" state it's in. The intelligent and polite threads on the steam forums, gosh i wish they were the bigger portion and not the other way around :/

ATi_Elite1768d ago

"I don't own the game but it sounds like the devs are putting a lot of effort "

EXACTLY!!! you DO NOT OWN the Game so why are you HERE running your MOUTH like you know what's up? This is what kills me about people on this site.

I OWN the game since BETA, including Payday 1.

This article is FLAIMBAIT!

no more complaints in Payday2 than in any other game! The Devs are working with the community to make payday 2 a great experience. I like Payday 2 a lot.

Breaking of the ARG was a big deal as it flooded the game with high level Noobs but that was corrected.

Overkill is a small Devs team like most PC Game teams and they are doing a good job with only a slightly few things that could of been done better.

CandyFace1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Wow... Relax. I didn't say i haven't played the game, did i? No (I have). Besides, why are you yelling at me? I'm not the one throwing random comments or critique at the game or it's developer.

Steelz1768d ago

i would like to see a PS4 port!

Bonerboy1768d ago

Why **(insert any and every game title here)** Fans Are The The Most Unpleasable Community Ever.

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