Major Nelson Thinks It’s Great to Have Two Solid Console Launches, Cares About Both Being Healthy

While the console war rages with jabs going back and forth between the factions, there are executives that look at the bigger picture and apparently look at how good this kind of situation is for the industry and the consumer. Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb is one of them.

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Insomnia_841769d ago

Trying to play the good guys after all their crap? I'm not buying your sht!

AngelicIceDiamond1769d ago

@insomnia Major Nelson makes a rejoice statement and that's what your response is?

Wow you need professional help.

Eonjay1769d ago

I don't like him and I think he is very arrogant and disrespectful (based off of the Angry Joe interview) but his sentiment is right. They must both remain healthy for two reasons.
1. Competition is the consumers best friend
2. Developers need more than one platform to solicit from in order to cope with development costs and to reach the most gamers.

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MeknSence1769d ago

@Angelicicle and that's your response for someone personal feeling?

Wow you need professional help!!!!

Yes it's good to have a healthy console competition, but The fact remain that the comment made by "Major Nelson" is going to remain detrimental because it really offended a lot of people.

dedicatedtogamers1769d ago

So Major Nelson smack-talks the competition for an entire generation but when your console isn't top-dog anymore you beg everyone to "just play nice"?


DragonKnight1769d ago

This statement was likely made in response to the fact that no one actually believes that the Xbox One is the fastest selling console in history. Well, no one but Microsoft fanboys.

tagan8tr1769d ago

I just wish that all games came out for all consoles no exclusives let the chips fall where they may then we would get actual competition where price would come down instead they lock up a game then drive up the price. Its not competition its posturing.

Prime1571768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Eh, I just think he's playing to what a lot of people already think. It just seems... pressed. When these higher ups say it, either side.

2v11768d ago

nelson should go back to been the prick we all know he is and stop bluffing

rainslacker1768d ago


"2. Developers need more than one platform to solicit from in order to cope with development costs and to reach the most gamers."

Hmmm..I have to respectfully disagree here.

Most publishers would very much prefer a single dominant platform, as it means less time and resources spent making the game to reach a large number of people.

However, this plays into your reason 1. Competition. With competition, Publishers also benefit as both companies have to make it attractive for the publishers to use their console, so the publishers make out better. This is how Sega got a foothold back in the day. They were much more open than Nintendo was, and competition was the reason.

Otherwise, the whole competition argument kind of falls apart when you look at history. The PS2 was the dominant system of it's generation. It had no real competition, and it is considered the golden age of gaming due to the huge number, huge variety, and large number of quality games that came out then. The PS2's install base wasn't even that much bigger than the PS3/360's install base in the same time frame. Combined it is obviously, but I digress.

The past gen, competition has led to a dilution of quality, a sense of cookie-cutter development, and a lack of taking risks.

Take that how you will, but competition and a dominant console models both have their pros and cons.

Back-to-Back1768d ago

This must be your first time hearing major nelson. He is a condescending prick imo. Who are you telling someone they need help for sayin his opinion. Can you say butthurt.

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Pogmathoin1769d ago ShowReplies(2)
stuna11769d ago

Sounds like he knows which of the two is the healthiest!

What I find kind of intriguing is this isn't in reference of the WII U!? Could that be due to the fact that perhaps they don't view Nintendo as a threat?

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ivan5101769d ago

yeah thats pathetic, major nelson has always been super generous to Sony.

XisThatKid1769d ago

Yea well, These are the most important and influential gaming consoles of this gen so far so makes sense.

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Ausbo1768d ago

Major Nelson has always had playstation products. He supports both. But he works for Microsoft so he is gonna try to sell the xbox.

Besides, ive heard more shit from adam boyes downplaying xbox than ive heard from major nelson.

scorpian0071768d ago

When did he "pull" any crap? If you're talking about the AJ interview, then AJ deserved it, he's a fucking wanker.

JasonXE1768d ago

Major has always talked good about Sony and Playstation - even on his own personal podcast. So what are you saying? You Sony fans are truly some weird ass people. It was a compliment and you act like he's a politician who just said he's out to "really" help the lower class...

andrewsqual1768d ago

So where was his opinion with the original Beta 360 console travesty on the market for 4 years and a half years before being replaced with the 1.0 version of the console in Summer 2010?
Oh yeah, no comment about that that scam of course.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141769d ago

So, did larry ever do a Xbone/PS4 spec comparison like he so famously did for 360/PS3?

Would really like to see his magic fuzzy math in action again.

MightyNoX1769d ago

No, I'm much more interested to see him do a comparison for the Xb1 vs the PS4. Remember how he couldn't wait for the truth to come out?

lonewolfjedi1769d ago

lol and we are still waiting for his reply to the truth

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stuna11769d ago

He probably got the PS4 and PS3 spec sheets mixed up lol.

scott1821769d ago

I guess 1080p was too much truth for him to deal with. I'm sure Sony wants both next gen consoles to be healthy as well, while maintaining a nice lead.

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GamersHeaven1769d ago

Whatever Sony says we say Microsoft gets more pathetic each passing day.

nategrigs1769d ago

Well at least I agree with him on something

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