Final Fantasy XIV Housing Prices Revealed, Community Facepalms as Tens of Millions Are Asked

Every MMO player experiences, more often than he’d like to admit, those moments in which he really doesn’t understand what a developer is thinking. For many Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn players this is one of those moments.

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Lovable1772d ago

I think I saw 50M Gil for large house or something...I only got a million on me and that's after spiritbonding a whole ton of equip...

Abriael1772d ago

Yeah, 50 million of you want the least desirable large plot in the least costly server. It can go up to 625,000,000, which is insane.

On my server the smallest plot of the least desirable class is 20 million >_>

levian1772d ago

Well it IS meant for a FC, groups of 10-50+. If everyone tosses in 500k-1m then it's totally doable. Maybe not for the largest house, but small-medium houses are totally within range.

sunnygrg1772d ago

This is an example of a Dutch Auction. Prices will go down every 6 hours at a specific rate (0.14% typo in Patch Notes), but the highest asking price is basically for servers where the economy is very healthy.

Abriael1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

The problem is that they don't go down under 50% of the original price (and it takes a lot to get there), which is still prohibitive for most.

1772d ago
betan211772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

I been playing this game for 3yrs now and i only have 3mil atm.I dont plan on getting a house anytime soon.iT'S OVER PRICE

PurpHerbison1772d ago

Something is totally wrong on your end. I have 1 mil and I have been playing for 2 months.

sunnygrg1772d ago

This is your Free Company house. You buy it as a group. Everybody contributes.

levian1772d ago

Funny how no one seems to realize this right? Everybody seems to think that THEY have to individually toss out 8-300m. It's spread between a large number of players.

jamz41772d ago

There shouldn't be a barrier this large in a bought and subbed game

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The story is too old to be commented.