Is the Kinect (still) the next big thing?

Launched in November 2010, the Kinect allowed players to interact with their Xbox 360s using their entire bodies. You could swing your arm to throw a grenade without worrying about losing your grip on a controller and breaking your TV. Dance games were finally, really dance games. Microsoft sold eight million Kinects in the first 60 days, and 24 million by February of 2013.

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"Is the Kinect (still) the next big thing?"

I think the hype for this thing died with the first one. Now its just living off of voice commands and gesturing with the xbox1, things that you can do with lesser cams and mics. To me, Kinect wont be a success until I see some real hardcore games being used with just the Kinect only with no controller needed for anything. When that day comes, I will give Kinect its ultimate praise.

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Bu bu but what about Kinect Sports Rivals!?

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I played the demo last night with my little sister and enjoyed it. I don't like causal games when in on my own but id hardly play bf4 with a 12 year old girl.
Kinect casual games aren't targeted at the hardcore gamer. But hey its not like you wont have options like titanfall or quantum break!

Kinect makes navigating the UI easier which is only a good thing. Facial recognition is nice. And its very nice when i can tell my xbox to make substitutes in fifa.

Also, dont forget xbox fitness relies on kinect. You may not like it but it already has a big following so yes there is a place for kinect

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infectedaztec I agree. Kinect 1 is what opened the 360 to be a console for everyone which it needs as the core market is only small. Kinect 2.0 has its place as the Xbox one has been designed around it just like the 360 was around live. Give it another 12 months and most Xbox one games will use Kinect is one way or another. I like the subs part in FIFA and head tracking in Forza. Bit as shown it can also be used in ways like it knows who has the controller so can switch buttons around for that player or have the split screen the right way round etc.

Kinect is not going to be the new controller but it is adding new ways to play and interact with them as well as the console.

Ide also love to see a steel battalion on Kinect 2 as I think it would now work like they intended with the last game.

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