YouTubers Are Getting Exactly What They Deserve

Lots of people have been complaining about the “new” YouTube copyright policy saying that it’s killing YouTube and will kill off a lot of the popular gaming channels because they will no longer be able to make a living off what they are doing. The community reaction to their complaints has been less than supportive of them as lots of comments have told them to “go get a real job.”

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M-M1821d ago

Are they really trying to compare ELPRESADOR and Angry Joe? That's where I stopped reading. Pres is entertaining and he's 100% right, just playing a game for a few minutes then talking over the gameplay while making bank is SUPER easy and I don't consider it "real work". I call that laziness or taking advantage of ad revenue, which Pres has acknowledged multiple times himself. Angry Joe on the other hand spends pretty much his WHOLE day getting games, making sure his subscriber base is interested, he has to be consistent or else everyone would leave, reviewing games, going to conferences for interviews(a lot of people won't go that extra mile), and he has to edit the videos and make them entertaining.

iamnsuperman1821d ago

I think it is fairly ignorant to say a YouTube personality isn't a "real job". Firstly a job is just getting paid to do something. Obviously that can be split down into part/full time or irregular employment but they are all jobs. An author is a profession (i.e a job). Just because their income is irregular doesn't diminish their job. Same with YouTube personalities. They are presenters. That is their profession. They present independently created material that people watch (which are paid for via ad revenue on the YouTube channel). It is still a job

Anyway leaving the revenue up to another party is risky and it does come hand in hand with the job but they still have the right to complain. I have no idea why Google is doing this. Recently they have made some major F ups. This isn't helping them improve their content quality (as I think the quality will go down with these restrictions with just spam link videos starting to appear). What these you tubes are doing sint strictly illegal (some are but the vast majority are review based/commentary based content).

You talk about production values and how X doesn't put effort into his videos. But that is shown by the viewer count. The people who put effort in get a much high viewer count and get a following. That x person has made a much riskier move as his audience could leave for a better quality video meaning a loss of income (always got to one up the other provides. I have un subscribed from those who make little effort and have no production values because I only have X amount of time in the day and so only follow a certain amount)

EXVirtual1821d ago

Get what they deserve? Are you serious?
Most of these people gave up their previous jobs to provide us with more quality content.
I'm not a Youtuber, but it's a real job in my opinion. They're entertainment personalities.

azazel6651821d ago

Didn't read the article, I see.

Kayant1821d ago

"They're entertainment personalities" - Exactly.

I don't see people telling the likes of kim kardashian and other entertainment celebs to get a *real* job.

As iamnsuperman pointed out the ones with a better production values are praised and more followed majority of the time.

ATiElite1821d ago

I now HATE youtube!

I just wanted to get that out there. I would of posted this comment on Youtube but I FRIGGIN can't post anything on Youtube without a STUPID Google+ account and I have NO interest in that CRAP!

Relientk771821d ago

I hope Youtube gets rid of these dumb new copyright claims

There are plenty of great gaming channels, that are getting affected by this