Lie Of The Year: Xbox One GPU Just As Fast As The PS4 Hardware?

"The lie of the year, at least in regards to gaming, probably has to be Microsoft claiming the Xbox One vs PS4 hardware battle isn’t that lopsided."

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xHeavYx1771d ago

I don't think anybody thinks that the One and the PS4 are close in power anymore.
Every time MS comes out with a claim out of nowhere (like the MS rep spreading lies on Reddit) they are slammed with ( my favorite thing)facts, proving them wrong

Angels37851771d ago

Misterx is the reason behind this stupidity...

Majin-vegeta1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

I feel sorry for his followers who believe anything he says :(.

Like i said the PS4 is a gaming console first with media as an after thought and the xbone is a media device first and games as an after thought.

@life I'm starting to believe you're one of MR X.Followers xD.BTW Flopza 5 looks nothing like the reveal trailer -_-/.

BALLBAGS1771d ago

I have to say misterx website is hilarious to read especially the comment section, I feel out of touch with the Xbox owners who comment on that site, it's a serious zombiefied beehive mentality, honestly it's like a mafia where misterx is the godfather, kinda scary stuff their mentality and the things they type, it's like a cult.

me, I just like games no matter the console

Hatsune-Miku1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

I'm glad I own a ps4 the most powerful console on earth today.

JokesOnYou1770d ago

Not a lie because it's true, X1 is powerful console that will have some impressive games that push next gen graphics, AI, gameplay, and tech all gen long, as I'm sure ps4 will do also. Fortunately microsoft is ahead of the game with some great exclusive IPS already and coming in 2014.

Sevir1770d ago

At Jokes.

Lol the lie is them claiming its as powerful as the PS4, when its not, claiming there isn't a performance disparity when launch multiplatform games show it, even more MS own launch games which don't hold up technically to Ps4 games.

No one's saying the xbo isn't powerful and won't bring great looking games. Its software coming isn't bad looking, but they are at the bottom of totem pole for technical merits

GarrusVakarian1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

"Xbox One GPU Just As Fast As The PS4 Hardware?"

PS4 is and always will be more powerful. Fact, the quicker some people accept that the quicker they can start enjoying their console without being so bitter. To prove my point:

BF4 PS4 = 900p and holds 60fps more often than the X1 despite the X1 only running it at 720p.

CoD Ghosts PS4 = [email protected] 60fps vs X1'S 720P @ 60FPS (which is shocking).

AC4 - PS4 = 1080p solid 30fps vs X1 = 900p with minor dips below 30fps.

I think you get the general idea how this is turning out. Now lets take the best looking game from each console:

RYSE- 900p linear hack and slash which dips into the....TEENS.

Killzone SF - open area FPS which runs at native 1080p and sits between 30 and 60fps in the singleplayer.

This entire comments section and article has been a waste of time because all you have to do is look at the games.

pyramidshead1770d ago

Misterx's site is a joke, which is why I visit it regularly, purely for the comment section as it is pure 100% unadulterated toxic XB1 fanboyism. What they force themselves to believe is honestly astonishing.

Two of the 'number' of insiders that have popped up there have self proclaimed themselves as fakes LOL. Even admitting it in the comment section and getting banned. The ones that have been banned have gone on record to say that the Misterx and the insider are the same person and only regurgitate what others say to make a convincing sounding post.

Such an amazing troll blog it is. Has everyone up in arms trying desperately to find anything that has a one over on the PS4, which like any sane person knows, it doesn't have. Even with the over clocked CPU it still doesn't really match up.

The most powerful console has never won the console war, but power matched with ease of development is a whole different ball game that the PS4 seems to be winning quite drastically.

Thunderhawkxbox1770d ago

Yeah we do believe in cerny and kaz and yoshida

Sharky2311770d ago


After 2014 you won't see anymore good games made by Xbox. By then they'll be pushing apps and multiplatform Dlc! Just like last gen. I got a 360 late in the game. I played a total of 6 games then it collected dust. You can't tell an xbot this because there blinded by all the tiles and sparkles on live. I've never thought live was worth the money.

GameNameFame1770d ago

Jokes. LOL. you are joking right?

Magicite1770d ago

Jokesonyou once again on defence stance. Good job, mate, cos inferior console needs all support it can get.

DragonKnight1769d ago

@JokesOnYou: How you got a "Well Said" screams of intervention.

The issue isn't if the Xbox One is a powerful console. It's the most powerful Xbox console ever made. The issue is the lie that it's as powerful as the PS4. It isn't. The PS4 is factually the most powerful console ever made. Not only on paper, but in specs and demonstrations as well.

Plus, Microsoft isn't ahead of the game. Their exclusives received the same kind of tanking review scores as the PS4's and we both know who has the better first party studios between the two and it ain't Microsoft.

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BallsEye1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

As soon as sony will show a single game that shows any edge over I'll believe. So far xbox one exclusives are best looking ones (and did you see QB??) and untill that changes your "facts" are not facts. And please don't pop with "kz" is best looking game out there cause it's far from that. You can slam me with disagrees all you wan't but you know it's the truth. Wait Believe.

GarrusVakarian1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

If 1080p at 30-60fps in an open area game vs 900p and dips into the teens on a corridor hack and slash isn't "an edge" then i don't know what is.

Killzone is the best looking next gen game, take a look for yourself:

Bearing in mind those are heavily compressed screenshots and they still look better. On my TV KZ looks amazing an native 1080p.

BallsEye1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )


Neogaf? Really? Please don't make me post some real in-game screens, not cherry picked, but straight from reviews.Oh wait, actually one you've posted shows it great.

If this is native 1080p then the pixel quality is just awful. Also the guys kneeling... I love the square feet they got. these models in far look worse than halo 1 LOD just take a look and stop lying to yourself. Gotta love the denial of you fans. KZ looks good but definately not best. It doesn't even pull off half of the effects bf4 has or even half of the players on map, vehicles and simulation. KZ is just a ps3 game upped in resolution with few new things added. Now I'm not saying ps4 is weak but so far it showed NOTHING. As soon as it will show anything worth my money, I'll buy it.

pyramidshead1770d ago

When the XB1 can do next gen games without any hiccups(frame rate issues, resolution downgrades) compared to its direct competitor, wake me up or something. All that's on the XB1 right now is inferior 3rd party games and a substantial amount of 360 ports of games that were destined for the 360. The odd on out is Ryse, but it's developed by Crytek so that becomes clear instantly. The rest pale in comparison.

In contrast all PS4 games are built from the ground up for the platform as first party devs are still brushing off their hard work for the PS3 all up until the PS4s release. No need for past gen ports as the PS3 has not been short of exclusives for the past 2-3 years ;).

AndrewLB1769d ago

Lukas- I can run the PSone version of Final Fantasy VII @ 1600p/60 on my PC, so by your logic it must look better than any PS4 game running 1080p right? :rolleyes:

High display resolution has nothing to do with texture resolution, texture quality, shadows & lighting, shader use, etc. High resolution only allows higher levels of these, but doesn't require them.

Just go and look at games available on PS4 and PC and compare them both at 1080p. Even though the resolution is the same, the PC version will have higher quality textures, shadows, shaders, and lighting. And don't forget, just because a game runs 1080p, that doesn't specify whether texture or shadow maps are 1024x1024, 2048x2048, 4096x4096.

Lastly, Both Xbone and PS4 are notorious for using too much depth of field in order to hide poor load distances, and LOD (loss of detail according to distance).

DragonKnight1769d ago

@BallsEye: How many Infamous Second Son screens do you want?

@AndrewLB: Your PC is irrelevant to the conversation, thus off topic.

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wiz71911770d ago

I swore the Xbox had a more powerful CPU .. last time I check the cpu is the heart of any computer , so actually the xbox it's more powerful.

nosferatuzodd1770d ago

wow really ps4 cpu is 18.0 /2grs xbox is 175 when they see the gap they overclock their CPU cuz it would give the ps4 to much of power over theirs tell me how is the Xbox CPU more powerful than the ps4 again lol you Xbox fans are grasping at straw really bad

AndrewLB1769d ago

Xbone and PS4 have identical 8-core (actually they're 4 core with 2 modules each) AMD jaguar based CPU portions of their APU chip, except that the PS4's runs at 1.6ghz and the Xbone runs at 1.75ghz. The Xbone does indeed have a more powerful CPU portion of the APU.

Sony's GPU portion of the APU is more powerful than the one in the Xbone by about 30%. And before I get a ton of disagrees, this is based on the reality that neither console will touch its maximum theoretical limit because that's simply not possible.

DragonKnight1769d ago

@AndrewLB: Care to link us to the page that has the concrete figure for Sony's CPU, because as of right now, Sony has never released information on the exact clockspeed and plenty of people have stated it's 1.8ghz, not 1.6

wiz71911769d ago

@nosferatuzodd Xbox fan?? Correction I have both consoles last gen .. and I plan on buying both this gen so I'm far from a fanboy, but like I said I remember it being that the Xbox One had the better cpu while the PS4 had the better gpu.

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lifeisgamesok1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

I wouldn't doubt it

Quantum Break
Black Tusk (graphics in the trailer confirmed to be in-game)

Kayant1771d ago

Ryse - Made by the creators of Cry Engine so you would expect nothing less from them.

Quantum Break - Game just screams quality from graphics to gameplay but we do need to see more.

Black Tusk - We don't really know much on that. And the trailer was *inengine* not in-game.

Forza - As a graphics showpiece Forza is not amazing. In motion it doesn't look as bad but it's defiantly not a graphics showpiece.

lifeisgamesok1771d ago

I meant in engine I know it wasn't gameplay but it's not prerendered

kiz26941771d ago

Not one of those games couldn't run on a PS4, its only because of exclusive partnerships that make these only on Xbox One. And if anything they would run better.

Lucifun1770d ago

I have yet to see a game on either console that can't be run on the other, and don't talk about the graphics or anything pc because that isn't my argument and I don't want to talk about the obvious.

kiz26941770d ago

[email protected] Really?? Killzone SF may not be a Perfect game, but and may be on par with Ryse visually, but the actual code would be nearly twice as deep and more complex and may run on an Xbox One but not at the 30-60fps that it does on PS4.

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DigitalRaptor1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

I remember when Pennello was on NeoGaf trying to spin the fact the Xbone was designed for the scope of multimedia, so not having as much raw power dedicated to gaming. These corporate spokespeople should not be telling lies about their products or spinning new ones about their competition.

Larry is just as bad for it with his recent claims of Xbone selling the fastest. Or an older one about the DRM not being able to be removed. Or the real intentions with force-bundling the Kinect and Yusuf Mehdi going to the 'Advertisers Masters of Marketing Conference' to sell to benefits of using the Kinect to gather data for marketing purposes, and him then trying to lie about his intention with that.

They will spin however they want to make it seem like they aren't making missteps or that they are in a worse position.

We are already seeing the fruits of this disparity just like we're already seeing people in denial about the disparity between the consoles and so the downplaying will continue until unequivocal proof is put on a pedestal. And even then, the most delusional and desperate will continue to lie to themselves and others.

Kayant1771d ago

Lmaooo seeing Albert Penello post again & again on gaf still makes me laugh.

"People DO understand that Microsoft has some of the smartest graphics programmers IN THE WORLD. We CREATED DirectX, the standard API’s that everyone programs against"

"There is no way we’re giving up a 30%+ advantage to Sony. And ANYONE who has seen both systems running could say there are great looking games on both systems. If there was really huge performance difference – it would be obvious"

Sevir1770d ago

Lol, he said that and then Crytek announced A Downgrade, then Call of Duty, Battlefield 4, AC4 released all confirming they perform worse on the XBO.

Its been a funny thing with Albert and Xbo

yewles11771d ago

Again with this? Really?

lonewolfjedi1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

some big lies came from microsoft this year. they have been really caught with their pants down on so many occasions.