Are Next-Gen Re-Releases Like Tomb Raider A Bad Idea?

Dealspwn writes: Last week at the VGX Awards, Square Enix finally admitted they would be re-releasing Tomb Raider on the PS4 and Xbox One. This ‘Definitive Edition’ comes with a handful of visual upgrades including TressFX technology for Lara’s hair (like the original PC version), a remodelling for Lara’s face and better leaves and branches on the trees. And presumably better explosions, because that’s the next-gen dream right?

There’s even more packed in though! Like the extra skins, weapons and eight DLC maps for the multiplayer that everyone plays so much! Making of documentaries that you’d otherwise have to look for on YouTube! That really shitty digital prologue comic! And there’s an extra artbook in the Special Edition of the Definitive Edition for those of you wanting more than the Standard Edition of the Definitive Edition! What!

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ZodTheRipper3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

To me at least, yes.

I want developers to focus on new projects, I couldn't care less about last years Tomb Raider that I didn't even finish on PS3 just because it's on PS4 now with better explosions and hair physics. Especially not for the full price, what is Square thinking? I wouldn't even pay the full price for GTA5 or TLOU on PS4.

Kingthrash3603845d ago

u didnt finish it? wow. well imo its coo great games get a pass, just as long as they dont port rmember me or somethin

ZodTheRipper3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Yes I didn't, it was part of my huge backlog and I just didn't have the time to go through all "ok" and "good" games and focused only on the "great" ones. I think Tomb Raider belonged to the "good" but after so many similar games this gen I felt like having played that before - that's the reason why I want developers to focus on new stuff instead of rehashing lastgen.

It's not only graphics ...it's primarily the gameplay that was limited lastgen due to the hardware which resulted in many games feeling the same. Just take a look at Dying Light, Titanfall or The Division which bring something completely new to the table.

Conzul3845d ago

I missed both, but I'd rather play next gen Remember Me than tomb raider.

In principal, no, it's not a bad idea. It really does not take that much extra work to release a next gen port, since in essence that's already what was running on devs computers and downscaled for current gen.

GuyThatMakesSense3845d ago

I think it's fine as long as the make a considerable visual/technical upgrade. I would pay (not as much as $60 but still I'd pay) to have LBP2 on PS4 with the technical upgrade of more on-screen because of RAM. Though I wouldn't pay for a game I already paid last-gen (unless it's LBP2!)

Mikethejew3845d ago

Just another money grab, they couldnt sell enough on current gen so they port over the pc version. This is why square isnt what they use to be.

Imalwaysright3845d ago

It sold more than 4 million copies.

WildArmed3845d ago

It sold well, like mentioned above.

Now, I know devs have to cook up a next-gen engine for PS4/Xbox 1, and if they decide to fund their next-gen engine R&D via these methods. I'm OK w/ it, no one is being forced to buy it. And let's face it, next-gen could use more games right now.

Tomb Raider was a darn good game.

Mikethejew3845d ago

Actually if you morons understood more than just video games youd know that the company said it sold below expectations. So 4mill may be a lot to you the company thought theyd sell a lot more. Go spend some time getting educated.

Imalwaysright3845d ago

Since when, selling below expectations means that the game wasn't a comercial success or profitable? CD is already working on the sequel and there is only ONE reason why SE gave CD the green light to do so.

I'm surprised that you haven't figured out what that reason is, seeing that you are oh so much superior than the rest of us common mortals but don't worry, I'll give you 100 years for you to figure it out on your own.

ground_beef3844d ago

Ok, yes, SE DID say that the game sold below expectations, but at the time SE was saying that, the game sold about 2 mill copies, they said the same about sleeping dogs and hitman, and again both games sold about 2 mill at the time they said it. But after a few months there was a surge in purchases for all three games, especially tomb raider. In the end it sold 4 mill +, and SE even released another statement saying that the didn't expect such a late surge in sales for all three games, especially tomb raider, and that SE was overall happy with the outcome, even though it took more time. They said that at the end all three games met their sales expectations. You can follow all these stories here or at any other vgames news site in their archives. All in all tomb raider was a freakin awesome game, I don't know why people hate on it, for me it was amazing in every way. An example of how to successfully reboot a dying franchise.

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twinspectre3845d ago

100% agree
a REMAKE like RE Rebirth would be great

TopDudeMan3845d ago

Meh, We played them this year, do we really need to own them on every console?

Anon19743845d ago

I want it. This game slipped my list somehow and I missed out on it first time around. I think it'll be great to have a crack at this on the PS4 (once I finally find one).

I have nothing against ports. A good game is a good game, no matter when it came out. Looking forward to this one.

justSumDood3845d ago

Some people will.
There are also those that didnt get to play it the first time around.

Either way, i think these re-makes are ALL perfect candidates for the "upgrade" deal that some companies have been doing recently.
Or better yet, the FREE cross-buy deal that has been so popular on sonys machine.

0ut1awed3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

If you like pretty games with a bit more functionallity then sure, I guess it's okay. It ultimatley comes down to you purchasing it anyways so if you are then you obviously think it's okay.

As someone who owns a gaming PC and a PS4, I have zero desire for these because they will still won't quite stack up to the PC version that I played months ago.

As Zod said, I would much rather them concentrate on awesome console exclusives. But that's just me I guess.

DealWithIt3845d ago

I am actually waiting for GTA5 and TLOU on PS4 (with updated graphics taking advantage of next-gen power). Tomb Raider would be awesome as well.

ZodTheRipper3845d ago

Yes I am too somehow but as I said, I won't give them the full price (69,99€ in Germany at the moment) for it. I think 39,99€ would be my pain threshold.

SoulSercher6203845d ago

GTA 5 may happen. But I believe Naughty Dog shot down the possibility of TLOU coming to PS4.

AngelicIceDiamond3845d ago

Imo, its just an money grab. I know some will buy it for next gen for the visual flare but like I said its just a simple money grab.

Irishguy953845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Haha, sony fans lopped up the 'HD remakes'. The only difference now is that Sony have even less of an excuse for the remakes. Because 720p doesn't look like **** on HD tv's. Its just a simple ->

"No you can't play Ps3 games on Ps4. Tough ****. You must buy them again, and when we implement our cloud system you must pay a fee to play them again."

Or you could just keep your Ps3 and stop feeding the habitual cash grab HD remastered games

Lucky for me I'm a PC gamer. So last gen I could play all PS2 games in HD through PCSX2.
PC > Consoles

Edit- Cared enough to comment that you don't care. I just thought I'd let you know that Sony's advanced next gen PS4 doesn't play PS2 games. And my PC does.

Oh don't worry infected, I loved uncharted and the last of us. I didn't say i'm only a PC gamer. How was all those strategy games? Total war? Sins of a Solar empire? Oh wait -> Consoles don't do strategy games.

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guitarded773845d ago

It takes far less resources to port over from PC to PS4/XBOX One, so it's effect on new development is minimal. I have no problem with it. The game's prices drop fast so it's not like we have to wait long to play them.

I've already played Tomb Raider, so I'll pass, but if they get Batman Arkham Origins on PS4/XBOX One, which could likely happen, I'd get it when the price drops. I do think they should have an entry point of $40 for a game that has been out for a year on last-gen.

turgore3845d ago

Not everyone played it on last gen consoles. Also, it is a good opportunity for developers to get to know the new consoles.

isa_scout3845d ago

You had me all the way up until you said TLOU. I would gladly pay full price to play TLOU on my PS4 with upgraded visuals.
In the end I'll probably still buy Tomb Raider for my PS4 on the 28th. It's not like anything else is coming out, and I'm getting bored. Where are those indie games that were supposed to keep us busy after launch?
If anything this is a blessing. I don't know about the rest of you but I've beaten Resogun so many damn times I'm starting to see it when I close my eyes at night. At least this is something different to play.

ZodTheRipper3845d ago

You really would? I don't know ...I'm truly in love with this game (#1 on my "Best PS3 Games"-list) but here in Germany new games cost 70€ ...which is a lot for a game I finished 3x already. As I've said before, my pain threshold would be at about 40€ for real masterpieces like TLOU, Demon's Souls or God Of War 3.

staticdash223845d ago

I don't understand this. The division, destiny, and dying light have been done before. SEVERAL times this gen. It would benefit you to look them up. There's nothing new about those games, except that new hardware has made the execution better. I've played games that have tried this singleplayer and multiplayer blend, but it didn't work out due to the limitation of the hardware

ZodTheRipper3845d ago

I know what you mean but still these concepts are somehow new and better than the re-release of a game we got a few months ago.

Dying Light has parkour elements which seem to work really well and change up the gameplay of Dead Rising.

Destiny is a shooter/RPG like Borderlands but with larger, persistant online worlds.

And The Division seems to be an open world game with many walkable buildings and a strongly improved presentation overall.