November 2013 NPD: Call of Duty: Ghosts Wii U accounts for less than 1% of game’s total sales

Call of Duty: Ghosts Wii U is off to a slow start in the US, based on November share (plus shares for other consoles).

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ape0071768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

holy crap, the wiiu is doing very very bad with 3rd party games and sales

this is Call Of Duty, it's the maximum indicator of 3rd party sales along with gta on a certain system

is this the end? it sure feel like it

i like the system for its exclusives and the controller is neat but as an overall console in the market, it's a failure so far

the wiiu as of now is the bipolar disorder of videogames(bipolar 1), top notch unbeatable 1st party games and abysmal 3rd party support and sales

i don't know man, the system seems like a flop, it's so much better on paper than what it's doing, it's a good system imo but something is seriously wrong


2-loss of hardcore gamer trust after the wii???

3-the wii fad has faded and casuals are no longer there??

4- eaten by nextgen hype??

i love the wiiu but it feels like Lost and Damned in the field

hope things pick up

vishmarx1768d ago

inb4 nintendo fanboys:alls great, 3ds had a weak start
wii u will pick up just like that.

the fact that ps4/xb1 will outnumber it in the next six months is irrelevant.

nintendo knows magic spells that can make wii sell like hotcackes .theyre just waiting for sony/ms to see what victory tastes like,then theyll snatch it like taking candy from a baby

Concertoine1768d ago

this game doesn't deserve to sell, it's the worst possible version to get and lacks DLC with half the support every other version gets. why WOULD you buy this game lol.

Eonjay1768d ago

The problem is that developers spend money to develop content and its not cheap. If it can't generate sales, they make nothing off of it. How many of you work for free. Therefore, they will be more apprehensive about future Wii U projects.

biglittlesps1768d ago

Nintendo don't has competition in Handheld but Home consoles are dominated by Sony and Microsoft because they create games that can be enjoyed in Home for hardcore gamers where Nintendo creates games that can be played on the handheld for passing time with 2D and cartoony visuals.

alphaomega881768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I am not saying that Nintendo doesn't have third party issues, but c'mon here...not only is this Call of Duty terribly short, the port runs worse in areas than the 360 and ps3 versions, hell it runs worse than Black Ops 2, and the one feature which actually might have kicked up Wii U sales(cross platform clans), they took it out.

Here are the facts: Most people who like Nintendo don't buy junk. No one likes EA, because they half-ass their games, and ditched Nintendo royally after saying they would be there(probably because of origin and/or drm.

Almost no one has bothered with the Wii U version of third party games. Only two so far really: Zombi U and Rayman Legends. Zombi U sold something like 500,000 copies in the first two months I believe, yet a failure(anybody else who played the game confused about where the budget went?), and we were shafted with Rayman Legends, even though it was a finished game(and it is fantastic mind you), but they pissed off so many people. With that said, it still sold better than the other two, with 2% of the userbase.

Everything else has been late to the game, or has been a mockery of a port(Sniper Elite and Splinter Cell come to mind). What is the point here? Yes, Nintendo is missing third party, and its not gonna pull in the people who spend their gaming time playing Madden, Fifa, and COD(a good portion of the US and the better part of the UK seem to fit this profile).

Does that mean third party can't succeed? Absolutely not. It means half assing your games on Nintendo's system is not gonna cut it if you want it to sell. The Wii U, IMHO, will be fine on first and second party titles, and third party exclusives. Because, lets be frank: If I am a buyer, and I have a choice between the worst version of COD and highly rated and regarded titles like Zelda, Mario, Wonderful 101, and Pikmin 3, what do you think I should go with? What is better bang for my buck? Thus the question of why is answered.

So for the love of god, please stop with the 'OMG itz DOOMD' mantras...with games like Mario Kart, Smash, Fire Emblem X Shin Megami, X, Bayonetta 2, and a brand new Zelda coming out, and of course more that havent been mentioned, people will buy the system to play these games.

And Ubisoft would be smart to make use of the gamepad in creative fashion for Watch Dogs, and to make it better than the 360/ps3 version...otherwise they will cannibalize their sales for that title as well. Coming out against Mario Kart and Donkey Kong, it had better be competent, or you can bet on it tanking like most of these other third party games.

combatcash1768d ago

a 150 price cut may help. the issue is they got stuck with the casual market and they don't have a huge dedicated fan base. The new systems do everything better and the ps4 is only 100 dollars more.

They need to market it a lot more. Exposure get on it push and keep pushing shove it down peoples throats.

Maybe the fact that it hass WII in its title is confusing the casuals and they think its the same thing.

hellzsupernova1768d ago

no. this is not a 3ds situation. the 3ds has no competition. The vita is a great handheld but it has nothing on the 3ds. especially with pokemon, monster hunter etc.

Every game is suppose to save this console

What will save this console is if they ditch the touch controller half the price and bring the games.

Before anyone says SSB will save it it wont cause SSB is on 3DS as well so they shoot themselves in the foot

mcstorm1767d ago

I would like to know the sales numbers of cod games on the Wii? Also we all know Nintendo console owners don't buy there consoles for fps games and certain 3rd party games sell better on Nintendo consoles than Sony and Microsoft's. For example sonic all star racing transformed.

Just looking at what games I own for the wiiu I can see I own more exclusives than none. Mario 3d would, sonic lost world, windwaker, pikmin 3, Nintendo land, zombie U. I only own cod Bo2 because I wanted to see what a fps game was like with the controller and got Tekken tag 2 as I wanted a fighting game when I got the wiiu.

For me the wiiu is a very under rated console and I do wonder if it may of sold better if it did not have the Wii in its name.

I don't think its dead yet but I do think if sales don't start to pickup when Mario kart and super smash bros is out then it will be another gamecube for Nintendo. That said though is not a bad thing for Nintendo in ways that its own ips sell well on its consoles and if you look at the sales numbers for Mario U over 3 quarters of owners of a wiiu own that game which is what a lot of Nintendo own game will do.

No matter what I will still support Nintendo if they keep brining out the great ips they have and for me I've gotten bored of alot of the 3rd party games that we see year on year I mean buying cod, bf, FIFA, ac etc every year gets boring and I have now decided to be more selective in my games choice and for that I'm loving gaming more than ever.

I hope Nintendo can pick the sales back up as I want to see Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft do well as its better for us gamers.

Flames761767d ago

I sure hope your joking

vishmarx1767d ago

eh.....i just being sarcastic.wii u is doomed .its there for everyone to see.
i can understand COD not selling.but what about mario?
when mario isnt selling,you know theres something to worry about

refocusedman1767d ago

@ Alphaomega EA doesn't make CoD Activision does. All games that you mentioned except for Mario Kart will not sell systems (honestly Bayonetta didnt do well when it was released on ps360 with 100x the install base). The truth is that the Wii U is soon to be passed in install base by the ps4 and xb1 although having a 1 year head start. You can be as vocal and die hard as you like but the truth is that the Wii U is not doing well at all and its only going to get harder with the next gen systems being recently released.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

That is becuz mario is better shooter?

"Wii and Wii U account for 1% of EA sales"

wiiU the only console with a touch screen controller.
WiiU the only console that is not x86.
wiiU the only console not pushing online gaming.
wiiU the only console without a lot of RAM.
wiiU the only console without massive 3rd party support.
wiiU the only console without a dx11 gpu or 8 core cpu.

That is a lonely world for nintendo.

I hate pokemon but even I know and open world next gen Pokemon MMO would sell wiiU's. They need to fire the marketing team also. Pottery Barn lol..

Also I am not sure why nintendo fans though wiiU would dominate? Wii was a casual gamers dream. This is actually a good thing that they are failing. Now they will stop looking for casual gamers and compete for real.

Next nintendo console will be amazing mark my words. wiiU? meh.

pompombrum1768d ago

Open world Pokemon MMO? I'd buy a Wii U just for that.

biglittlesps1768d ago

Nintendo don't have studios that can cater Hardcore audience very much and they always tried mario and platformers so much in their IP's. Its needs a miracle for that to happen because already Sony and Microsoft with their first party studios have strong talent to create games.

Magicite1768d ago

If you are a nintendo/wii fan and you are saying this, then damn, they really are in trouble.

Anyway - Wii U the non-COD console.

AJBACK2FRAG1767d ago

Uh... Thank God!!!!!!! I'm a COD fan and I was going to purchase Ghosts but then I started seeing trailers for Black Flag and every new trailer looked better than the last until eventually I fell in love and decided to buy Black Flag instead of Ghosts. Again thank God! Instead of playing basically the same game I have been for years I ended up with the thrill ride that is Assassinns Creed IV Black Flag!!!!!! Yes!!!!!! I love the sword fighting so much it literally took me a week to get to play missions! I just ran around fighting anyone that would would fight me!!!! A great big breath of fresh air for the series and gaming in general!! I'm sure I'll play another COD game but I'm going to wait at least a couple years!

joab7771768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

And if I remember correctly...PS4 sold 1 million in 24 hrs and about 700, 000 copies of ghosts...not sure how many were $10 upgrades. This was in US but it shows the insane disparity. WiiU can survive on 1st party games but won't compete for the throne. This is a 2 man game. I wonder if the 3DS hurts their console success in any way. If I own a ps3, 360, ps4, 3ds and vita, why would I buy a wiiU? I have kids and I still don't see a reason. I hope I am wrong but w/ the ps4 at $400, no one is gonna buy a wiiU unless they really want to play particular Mario, Zelda, or donkey kong games. There's actually a great argument to b made for ppl to puchase a ps3 or 360 for $200 over a wiiU.

JessiePinkmanYo1768d ago

People don't play Wii U for CoD, just like they don't play X1 or PS4 for Mario or Zelda type games.

AndroidVageta1768d ago

You are aware that many would play those games if they were, ya know, ON THE PS4 or X1!

Beastforlifenoob1768d ago

But please don't complain when companies COMPLETELY hault third party, you as typical nintendo fanboys will blindly blame the developer and publsiher.

JessiePinkmanYo1768d ago

Beastforlifenoob-I'm a "typical" Nintendo fanboy? That's funny. I own all three consoles, and play the Wii U the least. I'm just stating fact which judging by the disagrees I got, everyone is taking me as a fanboy.
I purchased my Wii U for Mario, Zelda, and looking forward to other releases. I HOPE they come around and release 3rd party games too. I did NOT buy it for Call of Duty. Playing and owning both Mario 3D world/Knack, I find Mario more enjoyable. Playing Assassins Creed in 1080 is preferred on my PS4. All of my friends on XBL play CoD and BF4 with me on X1. I like RTS games like Command and Conquer on my PC.
Those are my reasons. Get mad, disagree, whatever. I own them all. No troll or fanboy from any party will change my mind. I'm a fan of games, not consoles or companies.

deafdani1768d ago

@AndroidVageta: Rayman Legends and Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed. Both games sold much better on the Wii U - a console that had a 4 million install base at most when these games released - than they did on the PS3 and 360 - both consoles with install bases in the several dozens of millions of users.

I think this shows that Wii U users, in general, are looking for different types of games, and COD Ghosts doesn't scratch that particular itch.

Utalkin2me1768d ago


Well you can also look at it as WiiU doesn't have a huge library of good games either, people are hungry for games on the WiiU considering thats the contributing factor of very slow sells.

But the PS3/360 had other games and exclusives to purchase so those games probably took a back burner to some other bigger titles.

SilentNegotiator1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

sm3Dw only posted about 200K in its first week, so don't give us that "they're too busy with Mario" crap. Not even the exclusives are seeing great sales.

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Rockefellow1768d ago

I don't necessarily agree. There are a lot of people, like myself, who have a Wii U only for exclusive games; the ps4 & ps3 provide all of my multi platform titles. There are plenty of third-parry games that have sold comparatively well on the Wii U)) they just tend to be exclusive titles.

For what it's worth, I wouldn't even consider buying Call of Duty, or any multiplatform game, on Wii U.

Th4Freak1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

"There are a lot of people, like myself, who have a Wii U only for exclusive games"

And that's exactly what's hurting Wii U, if you Wii U owners dont support 3rd party who the hell will?

Nintendo (nor Sony/MS) can keep the console alive with exclusive titles only, besides why would I buy a $320 Wii U when I can pick a 3DS for $170 and play the same first party titles?

If you really like Wii U, support it.

dark-kyon1768d ago

that is one of the more important problem of nintendo consoles,nobody buy thids party games.

Rockefellow1768d ago

Th4Freak: There's no need for you to be a hostile jackass, and you are just littering your response with ignorant assumptions.I never mentioned how much I liked or disliked the system, and even if it were my favorite platform ever, there's no reason for me to rush out and buy software I have no interest in just because Nintendo is in hot water. They're not entitled to anything from me.

Furthermore, I've bought seven new Wii U games this year, and a fair amount of digital content. I support the Wii U as much as anyone else does: by buying the things I have an interest in. The same goes for every other platform I own. You suggesting it's my fault that 3rd party games are failing on the Wii U is laughable. If Nintendo had created a platform that was the best source of those games, I would certainly buy them on the Wii U--but they're more or less much better on other platforms.

I'll continue to support the system when software comes out that I am interested in. Nintendo's mistakes are not mine to rectify.

Th4Freak1768d ago

May I ask how was I hostile? My comment wanst rude, toxic or disrespectful. In the other hand you insult me because you dont agree with my opinion, so mature of you.

Now, I never mentioned how much you like the system either, I said "**IF** you really like it, support it". I'm a PSV owner and I buy games that I dont like just to support it, if it fails, well, too bad but I did my part and I tried. If you dont feel like supporting publishers you're free to not but dont come later and say: "Oh I got a Wii U, i'm supporting it, I just bought Mario, blah, blah, blah".

And i'd like to know in what part of my comment i'm suggesting that its your fault for 3rd party failure. I said that people like you dont support them and thats a problem for the console, which is a different thing.

Also your argument about the games running better in other platforms makes no sense at all, as far as I know multiplatform games run great on Wii U and has nothing to envy to it PS3 and Xbox 360 counterparts and even some other games like Rayman Legends are way better on Wii U.

alphaomega881768d ago

It is not Nintendo owners responibility to buy third party games when they are trash. I was gonna buy Sniper Elite V2...guess what happened? They cut out the co-op, and I didn't buy it, bc it was half assed. I was gonna buy Splinter Cell, and they axed something(don't remember at this point honestly), and the version ran the I didn't buy it, bc it was half assed. I was gonna buy Arkham Origins, and then they didn't have online...half assed. Deus Ex would have been a bigger seller in May for the Wii U with nothing out, but they pushed it back and it was lost in a plethora of NEW titles.

I'm sorry, but business wise these companies are f&#^ing retarded. Like EA...oh, lets release Madden with a dumbed down engine, or lets release the third part in a series for $60, while we release all the versions elsewhere for the same price...excuse me, but who is the moron making these decisions? Or lets not ship a finished product two weeks before the release date, even though we know we are gonna piss off a ton of people who have been playing and demoing our game for three months?

The fact is that it doesn't seem to matter what Nintendo does, third parties hate them. I mean Nintendo gave them free reighn at launch to make appealing games and what did they do? Made shitty ports of games that had been out for 6+ months. Yes, crazy intelligent. I honestly don't know how most of these people ever made it out of high school, let alone college with their overwhelming amounts of common sense....

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Ol_G1768d ago

gimped version nuff said

herbs1768d ago

Nintendo gamers have higher standards...

dark-kyon1768d ago

yeah,they play third party games in pc,ps,xbox and first party in nintendo.

iPad1768d ago

Who the hell would buy CoD for the Wii U?

paulcek1768d ago

Well, think about the install base.
WII U = 4million
PS3 = 80 mil
Xbox360 = 80 mil.
PS4 = 2 mil
Xbox one = 2 mil

So 4 mil Wii U owners out of 168 mil consoles means that Wii U owners make up about 2.4% of the consoles that you can purchase COD:Ghosts on.
Knowing that people usually purchase Nintendo consoles for first party exclusives, accounting for 1% of the COD's sales isn't that bad. It'd actually be impressive of Wii U accounted for anything more than 2%.

ape0071768d ago

look at how many CoD ghosts sold on ps4 and X1, tons

1767d ago
frostypants1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

The WiiU needs a price cut in line with its hardware capabilities. They are selling it at around $150 more that it costs to produce. Nintendo needs to be willing to sell the system close to cost like MS and Sony, who are only making a few bucks per console...this value attracts buyers, which attracts developers, which allows more money to be made on games because more good games are being made.

Cut the price to $200 or so, and start marketing it as the fun-and-affordable alternative, and sales will pick up. They need to do this, like, yesterday...the longer they wait the less chance it will have of turning things around. It may already be too late, given how long it takes to develop new games.

CAB1802theWiiUdefend1767d ago

Reggie promised the marketing is gonna be better but I'm sure its not gonna happen
Most people consider the Wii U is the system ONLY for Nintendo exclusives
Most Nintendo fans since the GameCube are giving Zelda U a chance
Casuals will normally buy Smartphones instead of the Wii U. Once they buy it, they will go to other platforms
To be honest, I Think people buy the PS4 and Xbox One just to make the Wii U look like nothing

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colt-of-tipton1768d ago

If wii u players do not start supporting 3rd party games of any sort publishers will drop support for the console like a brick.

Magicite1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

porting/making multi platform game takes time and money, of course if it will proove unprofitable, 3rd party devs might reconsider.

Reverie1768d ago

So please tell me: Do third parties support Nintendo consoles?

They never did. Nintendo consoles always get the lesser version of a game(speaking of content and development effort). Why would someone buy that? most gamers are not dumb.

I have seen this happens uncountable times. (did i miss any?)

1 - Game X is released on Nintendo console Y and sells bad: They just complain and re-release the game on other platforms with more content/better graphics.

2 - Game X is released on Nintendo console Y and sells good: They don't say anything, just re-release the game again on other platforms with more content/better graphics etc again.

3 - Game X is released on Nintendo console Y at same time as other platforms, but Nintendo gets the most horrible quick cash port again: They just complain that only Nintendo games sell on Nintendo consoles again.

Srsly, do third parties think people are that dumb?

frostypants1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Nintendo used to have INCREDIBLE 3rd party support right up through the N64 days. They even had pretty solid support for the Gamecube. It wasn't until the Wii that 3rd parties truly ran away screaming.

The problem I think is this: the gaming demographic got, on average, much older. This means it also got smarter and more tech knowledgable. Console buyers today are less likely to buy a system that isn't priced well, or one that is marketed primarily to younger buyers. Nintendo is stuck in the NES days of the 1980s. The average gamer today is 30 years old, not 12. Nintendo needs to grow up. I don't mean that they need to stop with their franchises, I just mean in terms of hardware and pricing and in terms of how they market it.

NightStalker331768d ago

Why in hell would people buy an inferior version of a game? I'm not sure if you're aware, but Wii U owners typically have other consoles, so why should we put up with games with less content and the same price as the consoles we already own?

AJBACK2FRAG1767d ago

Third party's cannot compete with Nintendo's triple A's on Nintendo hardware. I'm sure that's why alot of people bought a Wii U. To play the best of the best of the best.

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Bigpappy1768d ago

People who buy Nintendo, don't buy it for games like COD. Nintendo do not market themselves as a FPS console either. So I am not even mildly surprised, and this would be news if it were any higher.

Baka-akaB1768d ago

for once you dont deserve disagrees . no one in their right mind would get a Wii U for the fps . Most pruchase of this version of the game i've seen , were parents who arent that informed and only knew their sons had wii u , and some came back to exchange it for the 360 version instead .

Bathyj1768d ago

While you're correct, who in their right might would choose WiiU as their console of choice for FPSs, you don't think it has any bearing on the consoles long term viability?

Stop down playing it, this is a huge deal. CoD doesn't sell, GTA isn't even on it, is it much of a stretch to think that 3rd parties might just think, why bother?

I honestly can't believe WiiU is getting Bayonetta 2 as an exclusive. What are they thinking? Do they just want to be niche and have low sales? Maybe it will sell a decent amount CoD if you want it it's your only choice, but it's not going to sell as well as it would if it were a multiplat, or even if it were an exclusive for any of the 4 other consoles. Yes any one of them would be a better choice for a 3rd party dev to make an exclusive for. That's pretty telling.

stuna11768d ago

I agree with you, the thing on my mind is how will this affect games that have yet to come out? Although Bayonetta is being funded by Nintendo it still is still 3rd party exclusive, would it still sell like a 1st party exclusive or would it suffer the same fate as a lot of 3rd party have.

Bigpappy1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

"Stop down playing it, this is a huge deal. CoD doesn't sell, GTA isn't even on it, is it much of a stretch to think that 3rd parties might just think, why bother?"

I am not downplaying anything. Those who were expecting CoD to sell anywhere near as well as it does on Xbox and PS need to show me why they would even entertain that idea. Its been years since Nintendo had a popular FPS do well on their system. The wii was hugely successful without them. Some people don't even know that you can play online with wii-U. If 3rd party want success on wii-u, they need to develop a similar strategy to what they use with smart phones. Do what Ubi Soft did last gen. Custom develop games that suit the demographic of people who buy those systems (mostly young children and girls). The classic first party games will always be appealing, but 3rd party can not sell most PS and Xbox games on wii. People who want those games bought Xbox and PS consoles and maybe have wii for what wii provides.

This is not new stuff. This is a repeat of what happened since Game cube.

LOL_WUT1768d ago

Wouldn't surprise me if Activision drops support for the WiiU this is bad news for Nintendo ;)

Muffins12231768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

That should be a :( not a :)

AJBACK2FRAG1767d ago

It's bad news that the Wii U might not be getting old boring bs software? I think that's great! I think Activision should release an innovative COD on the Wii U or go elsewhere. I think Perfect Dark on the N64 is a more ambitious video game than a new itteration of COD or the equally super tired Madden. Just my opinion!

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