Upcoming Video Game Movies

There is an unspoken rivalry (or sometimes screaming rivalry) between Hollywood and the video game industry. No other media can match the total year-to-year revenue that Hollywood ranks each movie year, other than video games that is and often surpasses it. So it is no wonder that Hollywood studios have not been open to producing a truly stellar video game film adaption despite how many quality games out there demand a big screen adaption. However, that might be changing as there are a few films in work that might actually make gamers happy.

Is a truly quality video game film adaption just around the corner?

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DiRtY1820d ago

Max Payne and Resident Evil were decent IMO.

I still think this has a lot of potential and I am really looking forward to the Halo series.

It just needs to be done right.

1820d ago
darksky1820d ago

prince of persia was a decent movie.

theshredded1820d ago

all are pretty good movies except imo WOW,RE and maybe NFS.

Relientk771820d ago

I liked the Tomb Raider movies, idk why the hell they are rebooting them, just use Angelina Jolie.

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