Wii U Zapper Concept Walkthrough: Tech which could redefine the FPS genre

The Wii Zapper may have sucked, but the long lost Wii U Zapper offers up some truly ground breaking possibilities thanks to the tech buried within the Gamepad. 3D, incredible control, and a ridiculously soft learning curve may help Nintendo pull a "Wii Sports" with the FPS genre, and open it up to a whole new demographic!

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_QQ_1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Why not just occulis rift? with a fake gun thats has motion sensing? i mean if your going through all the trouble why not just play paintball?

TheLastVoiceOFsanity1821d ago

I really hope your entire comment was a joke, because 1. as far as i know the oculus rift is only compatible with pc games&when it released i'd be surprised if it didn't cost $300 or more. 2. motion sensing gun? how much do you think that would cost on top of the price of the oculus rift that we no is not coming to any home consoles, & for the best motion sensing technology it might cost more than the playstation move. 3. paint ball? you can't just play a quick game of paint ball at the drop of a hat.

_QQ_1821d ago

the motion sensor gun would cost as much as this thing plus the cost of a wiimote...
with this you can only see what your gamepad is pointing at.
at least with occulus rift you get a real field of view,not just a little screen. i'm not trying to say it would be cheaper, but if you want a realstic shootig experience this wouldn't be the way to go, may as well invest.
I believe the gamepad has the potential to be utilized in unique way, just not this way.

mikeslemonade1820d ago

Don't care how great the motion is because the hardware is still inferior. Playing games in lower resolution, lower frames, smaller draw distance, less things on screen, inferior anti-aliasing, simple physics and etc.

XiSasukeUchiha1821d ago

Hey this beat Wii zapper so its all not bad and beside revolutionized the FPS industry out a controller is nice

lonewolfjedi1821d ago

not bad! it has potential

TheLastVoiceOFsanity1821d ago

nintendo's best chance of making something like this happen is if they teamed up with ubisoft, but any company could probably do something like like this for the wii u if they took the time to think about how they could use the game pad.

herbs1821d ago

Definite potential here. Could incorporate the Wiimote and Nunchuk into the gun frame simply for the additional buttons. Would be very cheap to manufacture the plastic gun frame and everyone who owns a Wii U already has everything else that would be needed.

I recently got my Wiimotes working on my PC which is hooked up to my TV but is never used for gaming. Started playing Diablo 2 mapped all the buttons and it works great from the couch :)

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