10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Final Fantasy VII

Ever since its release in 1997, the first of the Playstation Final Fantasy games is equally considered one of the best role-playing game ever made, or a completely overrated piece of crap that hogs the spotlight from more worthy entries. There's not a lot of middle ground among gamers.

Regardless, such an iconic title, whether beloved or denounced, has been thoroughly dissected for 16 straight years. How can there possibly be anything left even in such a comparatively massive game for the time that remains hidden.

Well, there are a few little odd corners.

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CursedHero1796d ago

You were right. I'm slow @[email protected]

Great work! I approve ;-)

DragonKnight1795d ago

The one about the cow level doesn't apply as it was added to the game last year for the SECOND PC port. The blog is incorrect when it states that the game was "finally" ported to PC as there was already a PC version of the game before the Steam re-release.

Ratty1795d ago

It also says Aeris' death was the first permanent death of a main character... which is wrong. Even reviving dead characters. When did that happen outside of battles in Final Fantasy?

IV: Tellah
V: Galuf
And I haven't gotten that far in it but I saw someone play II and I'm pretty sure more than one playable characters die (Enough to make up a whole party)


I won't deny that her death was an iconic moment though but it's not a series first ;p

mydyingparadiselost1795d ago

Don't forget General Leo in VI, he's 'playable' in the sense that you play as him as he dies...

Ratty1795d ago

You're right I completely forgot about General Leo. I used to love that Shock attack he did.

Irishguy951795d ago

I'm suprised to find out I didn't actually know of them.

jon12341795d ago

pretty cool, finally an article that was right, i didnt know any of these

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