9 Things To Ponder About Final Fantasy VIII on Steam

There’s no shortage of opinion on Final Fantasy VIII, a fact that surfaced in a big way when Square Enix gave the game a PC release via Steam last week. It was great to see people passionately discussing the game’s virtues and ills still in 2013. It seems like the excitement around its release is greater than mere discussion, though: as of this writing, Final Fantasy VIII – a game originally released just over 14 years ago – is the number two best-seller on Steam. It’s beating out the likes of Assassin’s Creed IV and Call of Duty: Ghosts. Surely a lot of those buyers are and have been fans of the game since the PS1 days, but it made me wonder about the inevitable percentage who are completely new to the adventure too.

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solidsheep1795d ago

I would pay double what pc users paid to have this on my vita.

kayoss1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

You can play the ps one version on your vita right now.

solidsheep1795d ago

I was watching someone stream it and it looked a lot better then the orginal. Only reason I want it.

UltimateMaster1794d ago

It's the same PC version that was released in 1999, nothing major but still worthwhile.

LAWSON721795d ago

Yeah that has been out a while, and I actually own it. Though I will rebuy on Steam for those redone or improved character models

Ratty1795d ago

I'm considering it as well. It also has that (not so great) chocobo minigame which you could only play if you had the japan-only pocketstation on PS1 or the old PC version. If I remember well it unlocked two extra GFs in the game: Chocobo and Mog.


I have this and FF7 running on my phone, my life is complete

ps4lifesucka1795d ago

fighting games and jrpgs coming to steam is awesome. Hopefully devs will see there's a place for all game genres on PC

cesuf1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

By "place for all game genres" I assume you mean inbetween the hundreds and thousands that already exist in every genre on the pc?

I don't think you even game on the pc if you really think this is a new unexplored genre on the pc.

3-4-51795d ago

Games there should be more if on PC:

* Tactical/Strategy RPG's

* Turn based RPG's

* 3D Platformers

* PC Needs a Smash Brothers + Powerstone type of game

Imagine if the PC had a Mario 64 type of game, but 8 players at a time could play the level and help get the stars.

LAWSON721795d ago

If you want Super Mario 64 and smash bros just emulate it along with all the amazing JRPGs from the past. I know what you mean though I would love some newer games that are those genres to come to PC, but not even current consoles have many of those types of games.

JsonHenry1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

@ above. LOL! Dude.. the PC has had that stuff FOREVER ago.

Just because you personally are ignorant of that fact does not mean that we don't have all that and MUCH more on the PC. Seriously, just go to Steam and Greenlight to find all of that. And that is just one website, one company, that sells all of that. There are thousands more out there.

Hell, we have games on PC that don't even fit in 4-5 different genres.

Check it out man. A lot of the Greenlight games (and even some released through regular steam sales) are low maintenance and just about any modern PC can play them. You'd be surprised how much fun you will have.

Linwelin1795d ago

The only thing i miss from PC is a good Boxing game, in fact any boxing game :(