Thatgamecompany’s Flow Comes to PS4 Tuesday

Posted by Eric Fong // Associate Producer, Santa Monica Studio -

Hi all, season’s greetings from everyone here at Sony Santa Monica!

For me, the holidays are a time for reverence, a time to give thanks to family/friends/co-workers, a time to look forward to the new possibilities the coming year has to offer… and of course a time to enjoy some games.

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GameSpawn1774d ago

Sweet, because I have the PS3 version I get the Vita and PS4 versions free. Kinda sucks for PSP owners/buyers that cross-buy doesn't always translate to those purchases.

All that's left now is Journey, which I personally think is the best of the three.

guitarded771774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Yep. I'm ready to play Journey again. The improved controls of the DS4 made Flower play so good, and the game is even more beautiful on the PS4... I can imagine how great Journey will be on PS4.

As much as i'd like journey, I'd also like to see Fat Princess get a rebirth on the PS4. If they could get it out early, it would probably have a pretty decent online community for a while. I'd really like an all new FP game, but whatever.

Like Fat Princess, Plants v Zombie Garden Warfare looks like hella fun. I like the toon visual of the games, and strategic competitive gameplay. Can't wait to pay it either.

Orbilator1773d ago

Journey would make selling my ps3 a lot less painful if it was on ps4

Goku7811773d ago

Yeah they really should put out Fat princess. "They're killing our dudes!"

Irishguy951774d ago

Suppose its good for those who swapped over from 360. Most Ps3 owners probably played it already

guitarded771774d ago

I've replayed Flower, Escape Plan and Sound Shapes on the PS4. I'll replay flOw when it launches. Some games are worth a replay, and it doesn't take a whole lot of time to finish the game... unless you 100% trophy hunt it.

SniperControl1774d ago

Already have it over in the UK, truly relaxing game.

smokelocc1774d ago

Confirmed for ps4 right?

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