Sony: Amazon sold 12,000 PS4 systems in less than 30 minutes

Sony's Jack Tretton has given some details as to how well the PS4 is selling. For example, Sony shipped 12,000 systems to Amazon and the online retailer sold all of that stock in less than a half hour.

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G20WLY1797d ago

..That's pretty fast, wouldn't you agree "Nelson"? ;P

thekhurg1797d ago

Using Microsoft logic, that's 576,000 per day!

morganfell1797d ago

And that was not for the launch models but for the new stock that went up on Amazon. Crazy...but then again several of us warned people last year. The same way we warned them years ago the PS3 would overtake the 360.

Pogmathoin1796d ago

Love the way you say several of you.... What you people influential? Is there an intergalactic war being waged inside these consoles? Could care less who sells the fastest, the most, who cannot keep up with demand...... I got both, playing both, and will have many great years of gaming with them... Sorry if that makes your skin crawl with fear, but ffs, go look around you in the world, people do not have clean water to drink, and you fret over sales numbers?...

G20WLY1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

^Beaver, this is an article about how quickly something sold out, so comments are on topic. It was very fast.

As for clean water, or lack thereof, you're right it's a bigger issue. Couldn't your time be better spent helping to aid that plight, rather than continually whining about how unimportant console sales are - you know, such is the extent of your concern and all..?

World peace ftw, amirite?! ;P

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xHeavYx1797d ago

Damn, talk about a hot item

BelkingOfSony1796d ago

If only Sony can keep up with the demand, ps4 would have been miles ahead of the xbox one

stuna11797d ago

That's not true! It's a lie I tell you! In practically every instance, whenever there has been a mention of PS4's being in stock, they sell out immediately! Yet the competitor claim to be the fastest selling!? Perhaps in a specific area, but overall; Not even close.

Majin-vegeta1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Holy mother of jeebus O_O.


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The story is too old to be commented.