Hunting for PS4 Stock in North America? Try Toys 'R' Us

Push Square: "Shopping online can be a bit of a gamble when availability is low. As such, you may be forgiven for not wanting to pin your PlayStation 4 hopes on an unfair race to the checkout screen. Unfortunately, with Sony’s next generation system in short supply, it may represent your best hope of getting a console before Christmas."

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XiSasukeUchiha1774d ago

Nice Sony bringing supply every where now in about an hour they are going to be sold out! This a real power M$ the power of fan demand!

paleselan1774d ago

Sh... don't reveal the secrets. How else am I supposed to make some cash off of selling consoles?

punisher991774d ago

Also here in the U.S. gamestop got a lot of them in either yesterday or today. But only the physical stores and not the online store.

Sony_Fan1774d ago

I notice they only sell Children's Toys at Toys R Us,Not PCs

Ch1d0r11774d ago

They sell those kiddy pc's. More like kiddy laptops.

vikingland11774d ago

I got mine at gamestop today I'm so happy.

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