Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.1 Will Be Like “Buying a New Game”, Can Take 300 Hours to Play Everything

The 2.1 patch coming on the 17th to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be a veritable monster, with multiple new dungeons, housing, PvP and much more. But just how much time will it take us to consume all that juicy content? Quite a lot, if we believe what Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida said today.

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GamerSciz1774d ago

I for one am stoked. My Group is still working on Coil T5 so to add this much content is quite exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

Lovable1774d ago

Couldn't pass Coil T4...damn Dreadnoughts kept on one shotting our tanks...Ridiculous.

GamerSciz1774d ago

For the tanks T4 is a bit of a gear check. A couple i90 help out a lot. Tell them to start with a flash to blind the dreadnaught and help gain some hate. Also, cool down rotation is my biggest problem and the most important thing to worry about.

joab7771774d ago

Now...please get this to the ps4...april is so far away.

rdgneoz31774d ago

Yah,. waiting myself for the PS4 version to come out before I hop back into it. Was fun, but trying to do some of the open world events with a large number of people would bring up the "fun" experience of getting killed by mobs you can't see or instances bugging and teammates being "out of range" when you try to heal or res them.

Tdmd1774d ago

This will be the first ps4 system seller for me, I just have to see how gorgeous and smooth it will get on ps4! Hopefully it'll run just as smooth as the pc version!

Toman851774d ago

Is it April worldwide release or US release? I want the game myself for the Playstation 4.

Jubez1871774d ago

Worldwide. PS4 ain't even out in Japan till at least Feb so

Toman851774d ago

Cool! That is gonna be my first experience with a MMO on a console.:)

XiSasukeUchiha1774d ago

Holy damn Square Enix I'm giving guys a big around of praise for turn on my excited button

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