Top 7 Stand-out Missions in Grand Theft Auto V

"Grand Theft Auto V was home to some of the greatest moments of this year in gaming, with its wonderfully vivid vistas and biting satire disguised as character development. These are the missions that helped secure its perfect score from me." *Contains phenomenal spoilers*

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ArtificiallyYours1797d ago

I think the negative endings speak volumes of how awesome this alleged "story expansion DLC" could get. I really need to beat "Something Sensible" the way it was intended.

lets_go_gunners1797d ago

Every mission where you play as both Micheal and Trevor were amazing. The mission where you shot down the jet as M and chased it on a dirtbike as trevor was easily the best followed by the mission where T stole the train and crashed and M was covering him while he was looting epic!

The best mission with Franklin for me was the side quest with the adrenaline junky dude he met hanging in a tree.

1797d ago