Designing The RPG Elements Of Destiny


Tyson Green's job is to keep you coming back to Destiny. As a designer with Bungie since the first Halo, Green worked his way through the ranks and became the multiplayer designer for Halo 3. Now serving as lead investment designer on Destiny, Green oversees everything from skill design to loot drops. While visiting the studio for January's cover story, we spoke with Green about how and why Bungie is now going all-in with progression. He has some interesting thoughts on how Destiny bucks common trends within the gaming industry and what the team has learned from games like Borderlands, Monster Hunter, and Dark Souls.

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lonewolfjedi1768d ago

good interview very informative its nice to hear that they are making the game challenging and not holding the gamers hand.

joab7771768d ago

And all in on customization is great. Players love to have choice and to differentiate themselves. And rewards are amazing...its what prolongs a game...keep giving us items for r accomplishments and DO NOT be afraid to reward the give them something that others can identify them by. I am average at fps games but great players r the base and establish longevity. Reward tjem most!

XiSasukeUchiha1768d ago

True not holding gamers back from greatness is the best thing