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GameTrailers: Is this free-to-play co-op shooter worth the time or is it just trying to get in your wallet?

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malokevi1771d ago

Looking forward to trying this as soon as I get my console (tick tock...)

Probably won't sink money into it, judging by the impressions. But all F2P console games deserve a shot, at this point. Particularly excited for PS2.

MidnytRain1771d ago

I think it's less "they deserve a shot" and more "I've got nothing to lose if it turns out awful."

malokevi1771d ago

Lol, yeah, that's one way of putting it. Tomato tomato.

ArchangelMike1770d ago


Exactly right. I've tried all the F2P titles, and so far I'd have to say DCUO is by far the best, in terms of 2bang for your buck".

Next would be Blacklight Retribution, for F2P it's excellent. (If it wasn't for BF4 and COD Ghosts, and I guess KZ Shadowfall, Blacklight would be the premiere shooter).

Warframe would be a distant third. It's good, but it doesn't seem to have a real point to it. But for F2P, it's worth the price of entry.

Majin-vegeta1771d ago

After yesterdays patch i'm enjoying it way more.

cyntell1771d ago

One of my favorite time killers to play. I am guilty of throwing a few bucks here and there to get some better stuff.

blakstarz1771d ago

The game is pretty fun, maybe you suck at playing it?

NovusTerminus1771d ago

I love the game, just wish that it was not so hard to get more frames and such.

Wanting to check out the trading system in the new patch, see how good it is.

hulk_bash19871771d ago

Agree with you 100%, for a F2P game it is pretty fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.