The Gaming Community At Large is Toxic

BNR: Frankly, there are enough articles about how terrible it is to be part of the gaming community. There are tomes filled with the tears of men and women who learned the hard way that the mob mentality against folks who "don't look or think or act like us" is powerful in the gaming community at large. This isn't an article for people who want to read about how terrible people are. There are plenty of those. This is a brief open letter to anybody who enjoys video games.

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Wni01865d ago

That game actually sounds like something I would play/make.

Ratty1865d ago

The same could be said of any community. Free-thinking is not as common as most people think. Anyway, I'm sure Zoe Quinn is profiting from this. I sure never would have ever heard about Depression Quest if it wasn't for all this mediatic story surrounding it.

Qrphe1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

It's free thinking in the sense that anyone is allowed to speak their mind and say positive, negative, constructive, destructive, offensive or nice things. You've just got to learn how to ignore what you don't like anything in real life.

Blacktric1865d ago

This sums it up perfectly. Also I would like to request a revision on the article headline. Think about changing it to "The Gaming Journalists At Large Is Toxic".

Qrphe1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )


Agreed, "gaming journalism" is the one in the wrong here. The smaller groups have no etiquette or professionalism and the big groups like IGN are easily influenced by publishers and industry figures.

donwel1865d ago

I repeat this point again; the thread that was made on the chan-site was made by her and the abuse was sent by her to herself to get sympathy and attention.
Like you said, you'd never have heard of her, or her game if this hadn't happened.
This article is, quite simply click baiting and only made to drag the name of the gaming community through the dirt again, something a that too many gaming sites are doing these days.

Pogmathoin1865d ago

Good article, and true. The internet has made is capable of being something your not, and a place for many cowards. But there are also good people too, who rise above the toxic swamp. You see it here everyday, people, the masses hammer you because you do not believe in your opinion, and who feel you must fall in line with there dystopian vision of a one console vision on there terms only, which is from both sides to be honest. We saw a female writer getting threats a few months ago too.... Some series things said on these pages said too.... As long as people stand up for whats right, and encourage others to follow, we may someday be seen as grown ups in this industry. Right now we cannot even co exist together as one unit... Try drive our favourite hobby forward in a truly global way....

Visiblemarc1865d ago

I'm going to raise my "voice of positivity" right now and say that the tone of this article is offensive.

Just because you have an issue with how a few messed up individuals treated someone, doesn't mean you have the right to dredge up every negative example you can to stereotype a huge, diverse, community. It's not fair and it's sensationalistic. I actually think it's more in line with the bullying you claim to be fighting against, rather than in the spirit of positivity you claim to be endorsing.

mixelon1865d ago

Errm.. He's really clear about there being a positive populatuon in gaming and is encouraging them to speak up. This is just the most recent example, but stuff like this (and worse than this) happens continuously.

The problem is that its a very loud group of toxic, hate spewing ignoramuses who get seen and read everywhere that gaming discussion is allowed. It happens here, it happens at ign, kotaku, eurogamer, everywhere.

The reasonable people need to speak up - that's all the article is saying, and it's right. Anyone judging us as a group based on the discussions we get involved in would think we're at best obsessive and at worst mentally unstable and/or horrible people. That seems pretty toxic to me and i wish it could be quelled somehow.

I know a few people who dont like to think of themselves as gamers soully because the community is outwardly so shitty.

Saying that - i'm not saying we're any worse than any other anonymous group on the internet. :D

Visiblemarc1865d ago

Oh thanks!

...because the headline "The Gaming Community At Large is Toxic" isn't sensationalistic, clickbaiting, and bullying.

Oh wait. It is!

And before you say I didn't read the article. I did and addressed both the general content as well as the tone and offensive headline.

mixelon1865d ago

You have a different definition for "bullying" obviously. That isn't bullying - mean, innacurate possibly, but it's really easy to see how someone could feel like that.

Sensationalistic can get people talking. It's possible to be over sensitive to stuff like this.

Play on xbox live and try coming away thinking the community isn't toxic "at large" - or even LoL on the windows side (if you're new particularly). Or the people swarming to the early ps4 twitch streams to be disgusting in the comments.

It doesnt matter how small a percentage they are, those people say a lot more a lot louder than the normal people among us. We have a serious public image problem.

The gaming community often seems awful.

PoSTedUP1865d ago

thats why i like n4g and our community here, its not perfect and we all have different views, but besides fanboy debates, hate for people outside of games is pretty minimal imo, from what ive read over the years. i wouldnt be a part of this site if it was filled with hate toward women, gays and different ethnicitys. i hate ignorance and no one is perfect, we all have different opinions, but most of the BS i see in the gaming community as far as hate goes doesnt come from this site, and when someone does get out of line there are 20 more people to put them in check. thats my 2 cents anyways.

kingdip901865d ago

I agree with this, even when people disagree the community here is mostly respectful and sometimes on a good day when the planets align just right a descent c conversation can be had here.

SilentNegotiator1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

I've never been a part of a game community that WASN'T that way. (but then I don't spend time on "chan" sites)

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