Forza 5: Night Racing and Weather is 'Not a Minor Thing' to Add

IGN - The cheapest track Turn 10 built for Forza Motorsport 5 took nine months. It was an updated version of an older track, with heavy modifications to bring it up to the team's next generation standards.

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yewles11861d ago

Someone already said/showed it best before I could...

kneon1861d ago

So basically they care more about how the game looks. They would rather expend their effort on better shadows than adding weather.

They've got their priorities all wrong.

Riderz13371861d ago

Better shadows? Naa, they are using baked lighting for Forza 5 lol...Next gen console and you can't even have dynamic lighting in your game.

mhunterjr1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

Their priorities aren't wrong, they are just making a different game than their competitors.

Some gamers may think that weather/night is important in their sim, and that's fine, there are games for you...

But if you prefer a focus on dynamic AI, damage modeling, and realistic audio, Forza is the best in the biz. Just because their game is different doesn't mean it's 'wrong'

Tito081861d ago

I find it very funny the way Greenawalt talks, very random. With those "working with Hollywood" and these other things that are nowhere related to the question. I've seen countless racing games with night and weather effects, like why they wanna make it so freaking hard to deal with. I mean, he kept mentioning the "Specialists". This Greenawalt guy needs to shut his trap up.

FamilyGuy1860d ago

This is pathetic, they should just admit that there's too many pre-baked "effects" to allow them to add REAL effects. All those painted on shadows would look out of place at night. That steady 60fps would drop like a rock if falling water was added and their already floaty driving mechanics would ice skate on a wet, physics-based texture.

He is just making excuses and it's pathetic.

Redempteur1860d ago

This is it .. They have to rewrite their entire lightning engine and physic engine. And until this is done , night racing and weather conditions won't be in forza.
Adding weather effects is not that hard if you're starting fro scrath and you're talented .

Turn10 didn't have the time to add them , didn't have the hardware to ease their devellopement and more important , they DIDNT build a next-gen engine.

If you look at driveclub , a project started from the ground up , it has everything.
Other games have everything regardless of teh platform.
Heck even GT5 has it all and even updated severeal times their sound engine effects and their driving physic engine.
Turn 10 should maybe focus on their gameplay istead

otherZinc1860d ago


What's "pathetic" is PS4s launch game library.

DigitalRaptor1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

@ otherZinc

When all your other arguments fail, you go straight to an unrelated topic of conversation such as a launch lineup, something that has never been any kind of indicator of any console launch, ever. And let's face it, Sony were reasonable and fair enough not to remove their 2013 exclusives on the PS3 to add to the PS4 lineup. So I'm not sure what is more pathetic:

- the fact that Microsoft postponed most of their 360 exclusives to bolster their Xbone launch lineup and make it seem like they actually have tons of games;
- or the fact that if Sony had put most of their 2013 exclusives on PS4, it would have been the best launch lineup ever conceived.

See, if Turn 10 had added weather and night racing (something that so many other games have) we wouldn't even be having this conversation.

... and DriveClub is coming with all its dynamic systems, be wary.

Shadow Flare1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Turn 10 keep making excuses saying how hard it is to do to add weather and night racing.

All it does is show how much better Polyphony are then them. Polyphony have always strived to make Gran Turismo the most realistic driving experience foremost. "The Real Driving Simulator". Forza 's tag line should be "We Can't Be Bothered"

mhunterjr1859d ago

When polyphony adds decent AI, decent audio and damage modeling, then they can call themselves the 'the real driving stimulator'...

It's amazing the things polyphony 'can't be bothered' with, yet they get a pass from fanboys.

I can't wait for the day when people acknowledge that both sims have strengths and weaknesses in different areas.

Taislin1860d ago

Oh my god. So he just basically assumed that instead of going for the best game every time, he sets a roof on every feature and then when he reaches it, he thinks it´s fine. See, this is why I´m waiting for Driveclub. They KNEW they wouldn´t be able to have the best looking game running at highest resolution and fps with weather and night day ( with all physical models involved)by the launch, so they weren´t satisfied with not giving it their all. They delayed it and it´s looking a very large cut above Forza right now. I mean, I know it would take a long time to alter your developing composition in order to give gamers the real simulation they say forza gives, because it requires an engine that´s already tailored for weather and weather based physics, but they have had three games worth of time to do it. Maybe they should have waited a bit more and invested on a better structure instead of going straight into next-gen launch window.

SilentNegotiator1860d ago

It's also not a "minor" thing to exclude.

mrpsychoticstalker1860d ago

Forza is the best racing game. I enjoy every minute of it.

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Riderz13371861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Didn't Forza 1 and Forza Horizon have night time racing?? It seems to me like this developer is just too lazy to implement weather/night time racing into their racing simulator.

The fans want it, so why not put it into the game? Don't you want to listen to your fans Turn 10?

Oh also, inb4 Forza 6 $0.99 per rain drop. (Sarcasm)

IcicleTrepan1861d ago

My personal feeling is that they blew the budget on laser-measuring all of the tracks and cars.

cyguration1861d ago

No, just no.

All the tracks in Project CARS are laser-scanned and that game is built on a $5 million dollar budget.

Project CARS has weather, weather physics that affect the cars, dynamic topographical car physics (various surfaces affect different reactions and dimensions of the car's telemetry) and day/night cycles.

There is NO excuse why Turn 10 coudln't do it but a company making a crowd-funded game that looks 5x better than their AAA title has all those features.

Turn 10 is just lazy.

GrizzliS19871861d ago

no, turn 10 isnt lazy. the challenge was to fit a 1080p game at 60fps on xbone hardware, which was a challenge as is.

sacrifices had to be made

Biggest1861d ago

Gran Turismo does it on the PS3. Don't blame the Xbone. Turn 10 has ALWAYS been lazy. Read up on yewels1's link. Turn 10 is lazy and has said that they are lazy.

ambientFLIER1860d ago

Gran Turismo does NOT run at 1920x1080 and it only runs af 60fps SOMETIMES. There's a difference between that and Forza 5.

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Good-Smurf1861d ago

Let's face it,Forza stopped chasing GT since Forza 3 all gone increasingly more arcady from that point on.
In the console market GT is on the league of its own as Racing sim.

Why o why1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Turn 10 should be pushing for these features in my opinion. Trust me, if forza had them and gt didn't mr g would be all up in the videos spilling champagne and letting us know. I honestly think the next forza will be the real jump its fans are looking for. T10 would of had ample time to get around the x1's hardware and won't be under the same time constraints they were under for the current version. There's less excuses now. Larger media and stronger hardware and more experience. Don't be spitting that 'definitive' speak if you can't do the things 'sims' are meant to be doing.

Good luck...lets see what they can do