9 Reasons Why We're Excited for Destiny

IGN - From the expansive universe to Public Events, here are nine reasons why IGN staff members are excited to get their hands on Bungie's follow-up to Halo.

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HaveAsandwich1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

thats funny, because during a recent ps4 ign podcast, greg asked if anyone was excited for destiny. the answer from everyone, was no.

Lalanana1823d ago

Lol Yup. but Destiny looks cool. But the division seems like it will be something really special. Can't wait.

listenkids1823d ago

Guess that would explain their absence from the video, regardless of their opinion, Destiny looks fab.

guitarded771823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Damn double comment. Sorry.

guitarded771823d ago

IGN are a bunch of hipster, self loathing, hipster douches. They talk up a mess of s#!t, then tear the games down. I find it funny when they ask which games they are excited for, then name some obscure indie title no one has heard of... trying to sound like they're way into gamer culture. Then you find out all the writers do is play CoD, and never even finish games like Bioshock Infinite or The Last of Us. I still use IGN as a resource for information, but I trust nothing they say without some real conformation. The only site I give any credence to is Giant Bomb. They're pretty truthful and state things as opinion.

curtis921823d ago

To be fair, none of those guys who were on podcast beyond were in this video.

S2Killinit1823d ago

thats because IGN is pro Microsoft. They always downplay anything associated with Playstation. Destiny having opted for extra content for PS4 has earned MS's wrath and their mouth piece is doing what they do best. Even good news is presented in such a sterile nature that it actually diminishes the hype and excitement. Comparing that to even bad news about xbox related things, and you almost feel excited for some things that you should be upset about. IGN is actually quite good at this.

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Dlacy13g1823d ago

I want to be excited for this game but so far for some reason I am not really "excited". I think it will be good but the actual game play seems a bit run of the mill from what I have seen so far. It may be amazing... and I truly hope it is, I just need to see something a bit different I guess.

punisher991823d ago

This game and Tom Clancy's The Division will be the 2 best shooters of 2014.

Trekster_Gamer1823d ago

Titanfall will be every much fun a shooter!

punisher991823d ago


I guess. But I dont think its gonna be better than The Division and Destiny.

king_george1823d ago

A couple of them sound like they're just trying to hard lol. The game looks fun but in all honesty im not seeing anything too innovative on a massive scale. What i do see however, is a really fun co op game to play with ur friends. I hope they dont overrate this when it comes out but instead give us honest reviews. If its 10/10 then thats awesome and i'll pick it up but if its actually less than that i dont want them to be overdramatic just because its from bungie

lonewolfjedi1823d ago

any game from bungie >> halo from 343

heliumhead20301823d ago

Halo 4 is the best halo . FACT

liquidhalos1822d ago

I loved Halo 4, it was damn incredible but the first Halo will, in my opinion at least, always be the best

heliumhead20301822d ago

Yes pardon me H1 . H4 . H2 . H3

lets_go_gunners1823d ago

343 did one game..and it was successful regardless of what you think. How can you compare them to bungie. And I bet you don't even know that the all of the creative leads for SP and MP are from bungie.

lonewolfjedi1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

maybe its just me but I was underwhelmed when finishing halo 4 and playing some multiplayer. I haven't gone back to it. it felt like an average game. graphically it did look great and no I didn't buy into any of the hype or pr. between halo 4 and halo wars are the halo games I played the least

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