Kikizo reviews Call of Duty 3 for the XBox 360

In a crowded market of World War II videogames, Call of Duty has made something of a name for itself with its cinematic storytelling and realistic battlefields. Last year's COD2 was one of the very best titles of Xbox 360's launch portfolio, and less than a year on we have Call of Duty 3 from Treyarch, which represents a small but significant improvement for the series.

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rj815374d ago

Huh, seems like they were underwhelmed. At least the graphics are pretty!

Bhai5374d ago (Edited 5374d ago )

So many glitches and bugs ! Here comes another 'mediocre' on 360 !!!

Well we have 'Resistance' for the FPS section on the PS3, good thing Sony isn't relying entirely on third party support or we might also be getting just Quake4 or stuff like that !

joemutt5374d ago

So have fun playing your "mediocre" game at launch, because I will be playing alot better games than this or resistance.

TheMART5374d ago

Good thing MS isn't relying on 3rd party software as much as the PS3 does, right Bhaiky?

Gears of War is the best title this Christmas, no resistance to be seen. Furthermore if I read this:

"The first and most striking aspect of Call of Duty 3 is the graphics. Smacking you in the face at a near flawless sixty frames per second throughout, it's easily one of the best looking games we've seen on Xbox 360 to date. The Treyarch guys have outdone themselves with jaw-dropping level of detail; your field of vision contains such a stunning array of soldiers and effects at any one time that you'll definitely need to stop for a moment to take it all in. "

It'll be fun to see the PS3 version then. Stated by the gameproducers themselves it ran on half the speed of the 360 version. Nice Bhaiky, nice

DISCIPLE1115374d ago (Edited 5374d ago )

Bhai stop h8in u cornyass fa g why u even on this side of the forums huh? guess u aint got nutin else 2 do with no console yet... not a fan boy i'm gettin ps3 also, but damn u [email protected]

DreDawgg065374d ago

Its on the Playstation 3 also idiot, they were harsh on that game because of all the other AAA titles coming out along side of it. But I doubt the game is worse than CoD2.

PS360PCROCKS5374d ago

well now the question is, is this game worth $60 to get updated graphics, when cod2 still is awesome, in fact I just got done playing like 2 hours of xbox live on hmm

beans5374d ago

COD2 was a great game for a launch title! Im still picking up part 3 because I would like to form my own judgement!

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The story is too old to be commented.