The 1UP Show: Summer Season Episode 1 - GTA: LCS PS2, Play! Symphony, Untold Legends.

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Serum Interview: Game Island CEO Talks Making Their First Game

Chatting with Game Rant, Serum game director Michal Ojrzynski discusses its past, present, and future state, the game's community, and more.

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Prepare yourself… the terrifying NightGhast is here

NightGhast tells the sorrowful tale of a widow who believes her house has become haunted by an awful spirit known as Schnabelperchten.

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Xbox Has a Great Lineup for Fall and Spring, Is Beginning to Hit Its Stride, Says Matt Booty

Xbox Game Content and Studios president Matt Booty said Microsoft has a great lineup for Fall and Spring, having finally hit its stride.

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gold_drake21h ago

please, we've heard that so many times.

cod might be a success but literally anything else that is exclusive is a big question mark, as always.

ApocalypseShadow5h ago

I know right. We've heard it all before. With Microsoft, it isn't that there isn't good content coming. It's that it's coming too late for most gamers to care.

For years gamers were asking Microsoft to increase their output of games instead of selling hype and dangling carrots. While Sony and Nintendo did what gamers expected from them, which is to make great games, Microsoft was making promises and not following through even though they have the most money.

It's like Sega. I loved Old Sega. But Sega concentrated on pumping out hardware instead of just making games and getting the development community onboard what they were selling. Then, when they were firing on all cylinders with Dreamcast and Getting Soul Calibur, DOA, Sonic, Ready 2 Rumble, Skies of Arcadia, Phantasy Star Online, Jet Set Radio, etc, it was too late. Gamers and developers were burned already from 32X, Sega CD, Saturn, etc.

Microsoft has released multiple hardware configurations, multiple, MULTIPLE controllers, Kinect, Xbox One, S, X, etc when gamers were asking for games at the output of Sony and Nintendo. Actually, more so because now they are worth 3 TRILLION dollars. Leaving them with no excuses.

But it's at a time where Xbox sells at an all time low, games are releasing day one cross platform and on the competition's devices, game pass killing sales to the point that all this new effort will mean nothing at all because who's going to buy these games to return the investment? Not only that, but no one trusts Microsoft's Xbox executives. They lie and mislead, misdirect to the point that most gamers, almost most countries, don't care what Microsoft is cooking. We see the sales.

They can say they are finally hitting their stride after buying up a big part of the industry. But, they are still in third place and still getting their ass kicked by the competition who's taking their sweet time pulling out the big guns. What happens when the big guns show up from Nintendo and Sony? It'll be another public as beating for all to see. Their stride is still running from a belt.

InUrFoxHole3m ago

Let me ask you a question. Is Sony giving gamers what they want right now?

purple10118h ago

"Is Beginning to Hit Its Stride". I'm sure I've heard that somewhere before

Lightning7716h ago

That was back in 2015 when they had some third party exclusives games. Back when it was bad to have third party exclusives. Third party will always dry up unless that's they did (360 days)

Difference is they have their own exclusives now.

purple10114h ago

how about this gem

"Starfield doesn’t deserve this added pressure but it will be the first full-price game that has a chance to change minds about what Xbox is capable of. Initially, in 2021, it felt like Xbox had hit its stride"

DavidsonSave10h ago

The real question is - when will Sony finally hit its stride!?

ocelot0749m ago

I believe Sony hit there stride in 1996 and haven't stopped.

DavidsonSave14m ago

This is a stride? They don’t even develop games anymore 💀

Terry_B1h ago

lol. Just like in the last 10 years...rite? ;)

MasterSyfu43m ago

What about the non existent line up from Jan - August this year? we just gonna brush that under the rug as usual lol

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