A Different Perspective: How Nintendo Can Sell Wii U to the Mass Market

"There’s no question that Nintendo succeeds in satisfying its hardcore user base. Initial Wii U sales are proof of this simple phenomenon; the Wii U sold outstanding for its first several weeks. Unfortunately, it has failed to appeal the wider gaming audience or the mass market in general. The fact that games have such a strong attach rate on the Wii U is just proof that the gamers that own it are some of the most active in the gaming community, but it also proves that the install base is too small. If Nintendo ever wants the Wii U to be a bigger-selling console than it is or if it ever wants it to break out of the niche market, it needs to appeal to the mass market and the general consumer" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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NYC_Gamer1774d ago

Nintendo needs to create new franchises that appeal to gamers who aren't fans of Mario and etc..

3-4-51774d ago

Nintendo DOES need new IP's.

They still need to pump out the mario games and such, but not as often. Maybe 80% as much as they are now.

They need to invest more in what they do good in.

NYC_Gamer1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

^^^100% agree,it would be fine for Nintendo to pump out Mario games long as they have new quality franchises also being released.

guitarded771774d ago

I agree. New IP's would be great. Some people get all defensive, like we're saying to get rid of the current stuff, but we're just saying "add to the great catalog". Nintendo is the best at creating long term memorable franchises, and needs to get on making some new IP's as iconic as Mario, Zelda and Metroid. These new IP's need to appeal to kids and adults.

Like the article says, an accomplishment system is needed. I've been a proponent of this since the launch of the WiiU, and have taken a lot of flack for whatever reason. Having the option to platinum/100% a Zelda or Metroid game is really appealing to core gamers. There are a lot of trophy/achievement whores out there, and they would jump at the opportunity to start fresh on a new system.

cesuf1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

They do actually have several new franchises that no one cares to notice and then whines about not having enough franchises. Zombie U, Nintendoland (debatable I suppose has all the infamous Nintendo toons), Tank!, The Wonderful 101, etc. That's just to name a few on the WiiU, there are 100's on the Wii that people have long forgotten about such as I liked Conduit.

MizTv1774d ago

$250 and ill jump right in
Wiiu is the only Nintendo system I don't have
Most likely il get one at this time next year

LOL_WUT1774d ago

Less platformers Nintendo! Do a horror game, action adventure or even a shooter something that'll appeal to the west audience. So swallow your pride and get going. ;)

Concertoine1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

I swear if they dont release a fatal frame game on wii u i will be pissed. Gyro controls wouldnt even be a problem as you never need to turn 360 degrees in FF. dynamic camera angles, map on the gamepad, hold the gamepad up, boom youre holding the camera obscura. The tension of having to look down to see a map rather than the safety and intrusion of a pause button is immersive and frankly brilliant.

Emme1774d ago

I am still pissed there was no decent Indy or Star Wars on Wii :/ Still no lightsaber game.

Concertoine1773d ago

if you ask me there was no decent indy or star wars game last gen xD lucasarts fallen so far from grace

1774d ago
king_george1774d ago

Man im just hoping for a first person metroid from retro studios :( Nintendo has a nice upcoming lineup tho. Jaws will drop in 2014-2015

DanielGearSolid1774d ago

Third party doesnt sell on Nintendo. It could be viewed as a testament to their games. Maybe they're so good thats all fans want to play. Maybe its the demograhic. Parents looking for a family friendly console wil always look to Nintendo first. I dont see anyway Nintendo can change that without alienating their current fanbase

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