Naughty Dog doesn't like Monetization?

Naughty Dog: “In general terms we don’t like monetization w/ our content, but haven’t created official policy yet.”

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DeletedAcc1769d ago

Just give us some new UNCHARTED news ........

Amazingmrbrock1769d ago

Really? let them make new games. They've already shown they can do better than uncharted with TLOU. They should move on and keep putting out excellent content. Instead of milking a franchise thats arguably peaked.

king_george1769d ago

Knowing Naughty Dog i wouldnt doubt uncharted by saying it "peaked". These guys have a way of surprising us and Uncharted 4 will most likely do it again.

But yeah ur right i wanna see them spread their wings and take on all kinds of different ideas beyond just one genre

ShinMaster1769d ago

They already announced a new Uncharted game. So it's obvious that the fans will want some news about it.

Conzul1769d ago

uncharted 3 was great, but the ending was just a little lacking as a true finisher to the franchise, or even a long break.

I totally agree with those who are burned out on it and are lusting for new IP, but they need to end the story arc just right.

Otherwise it'll be like the X-Files by Chris Carter. We all know how THAT ended on an unresolved cliffhanger :(

Amazingmrbrock1769d ago

I said it peaked because uncharted 3 was not as good as uncharted 2. 3s story was all over the place and had unnecessary parts thrown in just to extend it. The whole game was kind of by the numbers.

Jubez1871768d ago

Uncharted is at the point where if U4 plays like the first three people will "same old same old, getting stale" and if it's much different people will say "franchise is killed, they changed too much"

Amazingmrbrock1768d ago

@Jubez187 I think if they kept the same gameplay and did a story with a different type of theme. Say leave the indiana jones theme behind and switch to something else, horror, or have it in some war torn country or something. Both would fit into the universe. Say with the horror they could put it in like a deep cave system where drake is searching for some relic or tomb or something... but theres some sort of paranormal monster of some sort. No bad group of people with guns, just these crazy cave creatures. Or the war torn thing have him trying to avoid getting caught up in the war while navigating a country to find various relics.

medman1767d ago

They can make both, as they have more than one team.

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Stevino3211769d ago

It hasn't really peaked, its a game/story that still has soooooo much potential. They can go anywhere with Uncharted.

king_george1769d ago

Ur totally right Stevino321


Snookies121769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Boo, come on Naughty Dog, I love you guys but that's crud. The person playing your game buys it. So you get a sale. Then they put up YOUR game to show off, while making some money off their own personality they bring to the table with it. So you get more people checking out your game that are potential buyers. It's a win-win for everyone involved. More sales for Naughty Dog, money to live off of for the YouTuber, and entertainment for the people watching.

staticdash221769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

So we've still got activision, microsoft, nintendo, sony, bethesda, and a few others who haven't showed where they stand. This is going to get very interesting....None of the big three are getting involved and its making me nervous

Wierd to see companies that clam to be entirely consumer focused, and yet publishers like capcom who have been accused of being so anti consumer, have come QUICKLY out in support of youtubers. Something is up, and I don't like it. I fear that the big three are somewhat for the crackdown on monetization of their content.

xHeavYx1769d ago

According to Angry Joe, he got a Skyrim video flagged and it was reported by Kotaku, Bethesda contacted AJ saying they weren't the only who flagged the video (check at the 5:30 mark)

RetardedIceCream1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

It also seems nintendo is helping some youtube channels aswell, i expect the other publishers to do the same

Conzul1769d ago

Well, it's not like ND was perfect, was it?

Meh, it was.

GameVerb1768d ago

I just don't get it. If a YouTuber is doing a good job of playing their game and showing it, it would be free advertising. It's very counterproductive to discourage the use of YouTube. It's freaking crazy!

Volkama1768d ago

Not all Youtubers are out to spread the good word about their favourite games though...

cell9891768d ago

I feel like in order to really make it a "win win" situation, the person using their content to turn a profit needs to give a percentage back to ND on what they make. Because the sad truth is this person is making a living off of someone else content, sure the exposure helps the creator but not always does it help, sometimes it hurts the product by rampant spoilers. The point is if youre going to make money from someone elses IP just pay some royalties, even Angry Joe agrees with this

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Well I'm not a huge ND fan but it makes sense for them I think. They make largely cinematic games so like 80% of the experience isn't playing the game but the story and cutscenes. It makes makes more sense for them to do this than nintendo. Still in the end it's free advertising and I hate seeing awesome youtuber affected.

Brix901769d ago

80% cinematic experience? ok lol

staticdash221769d ago

Well your comment perfectly matches your intelligence, it seems.

TheEnigma3131769d ago

Sooooo I assume you haven't thoroughly played Uncharted or TLOU?

ELCUCO1769d ago

I'm going to play devils advocate and say what you meant was heavily narrated stories.

MidnytRain1769d ago

ND has a good rep. They don't wanna ruin that.

Wow, a couple poorly chosen words and people flip out, lmao.

Drekken1769d ago

Are you kidding me? Once you are done playing ND's single player experience they offer hundreds of hours in multiplayer. Please get a clue.

FunkMacNasty1769d ago

MonkeyDluffy - Again, as is usually the case on N4G, people who havent even played a game are spouting off like they know all about it.

The Uncharted series has some of the best combat and platforming gameplay this generation! And If you had played Uncharted or The Last of Us, you would realize that "80%" of the story narrative occur DURING gameplay sequences!

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XboxFun1769d ago

This just goes to show that every company (no matter how high their fans put them on a pedestal) is all about money.

GiggMan1769d ago

How are they all about money from this statement? Seems to me that they don't want others to benefit off of their work.

cell9891768d ago

youre going to tell me that the Youtubers that do Lets Play videos do it for the fun of it or just for hobby purposes? NO, the do it for money too, you have to look at the coin from both sides. This is the reason they are up in arms right now, because their income has been cut off with YouTubes ID movement. Its all about the money all around

svoulis1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

So maybe this is what should've been posted

Hope it helps you understand its not just Naughty Dog but a whole bunch of studios with "at your own risk" procedures

Literally read the whole list. I guess youtube LP's are going to be very scarce for content.

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