What’s Next For BEYOND: Two Souls?

Masoud House of DualShockers writes:

"By now if you’ve bought and played Beyond: Two Souls you’ve probably completed the story at least once, and perhaps even tried out a few different playthroughs (or read about/watched the different outcomes via articles and videos on the internet). Whether you hated it or loved it or fell somewhere directly in-between (we gave it a positive review despite some flaws) you can’t deny a few interesting things about the game’s story, especially the ominous ending and host of mysteries and questions left in its wake.

So that makes me wonder: what’s next for BEYOND: Two Souls?"

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LordMaim1822d ago

Take note of the opinion piece flag. There's no actual information about a sequel, and based on Quantic Dream's past track record, they're unlikely to revisit a previous game to make it a franchise.

NeXXXuS1822d ago

I really think they should make a game from the Kara tech demo.

chaos_mechanica1822d ago

That would be pretty cool. With Cage's resume, I'd expect a combination of Bicentennial Man, A.I., and Beyond itself, making players go through the horror of being treated like an item, while exploring the idea of humanity.

LordMaim1819d ago

It would be cool, though they do a lot of tech demos that they don't develop into full games so it probably won't. It might show up in a different form, like that audition video that made its way into Heavy Rain after a fashion.

chaos_mechanica1822d ago

This is very true. The majority of this article's thoughts build firmly from the cliffhanger ending. Cage may be trying out something new, for once. And considering Quantic was working on an Omikron sequel for a while until they switched publishers and switched projects, it's not completely out of their minds, I think. Perhaps they just need the right project.

linkenski1822d ago

Hopefully nothing is next for that franchise. I don't need a shitty action-sequel to a game with such as a mess of a story that was Beyond Two Souls. Heavy Rain was so much better in execution. I don't understand David Cage's intent with half of the subplots of Beyond at all. Was it just to add more "Emotion!" to everything. Does he recognize the word "forced"?

chaos_mechanica1822d ago

He's one of those writers that tend to try too much at once, and I think gets lost in all his ideas. Pretty much each project, especially Omikron, had a slew of ideas, genres and plot twists that were crammed into one game.

Omikron tried an open world with a sci-fi setting but a mystical/demonic/supernatural injection with three different gameplay engines thrown in that weren't perfectly polished.

Indigo Prophecy I didn't get to play, but I know it was the start of their QTE-type sequences.

Heavy Rain was a grounded mystery suspense story that oddly had an FBI agent with sci-fi tech thrown in, some odd plot holes or unexplained sequences, and heavier QTE sequences that tried to bridge an intense thriller story with a life simulation game.

Beyond wanted to tell a paranormal biopic but its back and forth narrative really detached you from the story at times, and the random jumps from touching life story to intense military thriller to pseudo-sci-fi/supernatural genre fiction was more than a little jarring.

I think Cage needs to sit down and properly frame his ideas and see which works best for telling a focused story or providing a focused experience for gamers, instead of throwing everything at the wall.

Soldierone1822d ago

As a fan of the game, you know someone that actually played it ;P, this article is really well written and has a lot of good concepts!


I really do hope they make a sequel or at least DLC to the title. I'd gladly pay 40 dollars for an expansion that explores what the hell happened or what comes after. The ending was the only story aspect I didn't like because it felt like they were out of time. "crap we are here and need to be done, do some flashes!" It quickly went from confused, to happy, to the world ended and Jody is screwed lol

I personally think she caused it by leaving the spirit behind in that gate. It obviously came back in one of the scenes, and it was supposed to be happy, but you have to wonder how it managed that without re opening the gate.

chaos_mechanica1822d ago

I definitely appreciate the compliment, and totally agree with how it ended. Really would love to see where Cage was going with this. I hope it wasn't just a cliffhanger for the sake of a cliffhanger. He seemed to have a lot of ideas about this project, and always seems to have a lot of ideas in past projects. He's also always tried connecting disparate ideas into one story, so I give him credit for attempting to do something new.

psDrake1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

After the poor sales & and low critic scores, I highly doubt we will see a sequel to the game any time soon. The budget was supposedly $27 million and I don't think they broke even...

They already mentioned at e3 that they were working on a ps4 project...

Not to mention they had issues with Ellen Page and I'd say no more beyond 2 souls...It's over :(

chaos_mechanica1822d ago

That's probably why he left open the chance for a new character to become the protagonist. But I definitely agree: Beyond was a piece with a lot of mixed reception, much like Omikron, Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain before it. But now that the industry is a little more money conscious, it may be harder to recover than it was in the 90s/2000s.