Ranking the 5 Best New Features of the Xbox One

Microsoft added many new features to its latest gaming console that help to set it apart from its big brother, the Xbox 360. Five in particular truly stand out as bragging worthy, so let’s take at look at them to see how they stack up against each other. Head on down below to find out which new Xbox One feature is the best, or maybe the most useful for gamers.

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malokevi1795d ago

I would say instant switching, or just the general speed of getting around.

ceedubya91795d ago

yeah its pretty awesome. Can't wait to see how much better things will work a year or two from now.

Pogmathoin1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Nothing better than walking into room, an just saying Xbox on, and your away.... did not expect much from Kinect, but playing Battlefield and straight into Skype... awesome, also getting Skype premium for 6 months... free call anywhere in the world now, even from cell phone... fantastic...

I see flea bites everywhere (disagrees). What harm to fanboys is on this article? Sad...

malokevi1795d ago

I love when my game of Battlefield ends, between matches, "Xbox, go to Netflix" and it immediately plays whatever I was watching form where it left off. Usually Futurama or something Seth Mcfarlen :D

2 minutes of laughter, "Xbox, go to Battlefield 4", and I'm right back in it. Glorious.

grahf1795d ago

My wife made me cave-in on waiting for a bit to adopt next gen & we got a Xbone for the kids (I will forever call it Xbone). I got it out while they were at school and set it up, downloaded demos & patches & apps, got an achievement for starting up Amazon Prime Video...

One of the coolest things I found was setting up the TV. If the tv is off, saying Xbox on will turn the Tv on as well. Xbox off turns the Tv off too. It's the little things.

XiSasukeUchiha1795d ago

Switching and Kinect and Skype Multitasking and finally dedicated servers are the best one for the one

dmeador1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Voice control for me. I've went into the living room (room with no X1), and almost said "Xbox, on" to start watching TV, haha. Had to walk to pick up the remote, go to the guide, and find the channel...Aint nobody got time for dat. I'm already spoiled.

Bigpappy1795d ago

You go boy! People who have not or can not experience this don't really get what you are talking about, so they disagree. M$ is on to something huge with the way they designed and implemented Xbox One with Kinect.

The voice control for just about everything; the snap feature; TV integration and control; Auto log-in on sight; Skype with Kinect; instant game switching, and app too; Then there will be plenty coming gaming-wise that fully or partially use Kinect. Xbox is a very exciting console that can appeal to gamers and non gamers alike.

Callediceman1795d ago

i havnt had much time to play my bro's xbone but i must say the rumble triggers on forza are pretty slick

Convas1795d ago

Can't wait till they're implemented fully in say ... Halo 5. Going to be awesome.

osamede11795d ago

obviously its playing cod/multiplayer games and hearing players scream "XBOX GO HOME/XBOX UNSNAP"

Wikkid6661795d ago

It's funny when they say Xbox Off too during the match too.

MorePowerOfGreen1795d ago

It's "Xbox Turn off" *then* "Yes"

Nothing funny about it, players saying snap/unsnap means they could be doing a whole host of things while playing. Xbox go home means the game was minimized to do other things while the game is running or quitting the game.

What's so funny about that?

osamede11795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

@morepower i think you are confused, you seem to think something is incapable of being productive and funny at the same time. i own an xbox one... i actually play cod and hear that from my team mates and enemies when i kill them, and i find it funny....geez had to explain a joke...

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