Forbes: For Game Industry, Nvidia's G-Sync Technology Is Truly Next-Gen

Forbes contributing author, Jason Evangelho writes,

"After extensive hands-on time with Nvidia’s upcoming G-Sync enabled monitors, this much is certain: These will accomplish much more than pleasing PC gamers — they’ll mark the beginning of a decisive win for Nvidia in the desktop GPU space."

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wtopez1770d ago

I really want this, but on something bigger. At least 32" 1440p.

XiSasukeUchiha1769d ago

The future of PC please bring on 4K in about two years

decrypt1769d ago

4K is easily possible now if you purchase a 600usd GPU. I think it should be even cheaper once maxwell is out. 300usd GPUs might be easily running 4k.

Truehellfire1769d ago

You would get poor framerates though with a current single gpu running at 4k. The 780ti/R9-290x average around 30fps with most games maxed out at 4k. While this certainly is playable, I imagine most PC gamers would prefer playing at 1080p or 1440p while maintaining at least 60fps. Definitely looking forward to what Maxwell will be able to accomplish though!

Beastforlifenoob1769d ago

A $1,000 GTX titan can run battlefield 4 at 4k at 22 fps if you call that easy your a bit funny also another thing to consider is when you have a 1080p 24" monitor there isnt going to be much difference on a 4k monitor thats say 32" YES it will look better but really when your on a monitor you only need 2k MAX (1440p)... Thats why pretty much all 4k displays are 65"+

decrypt1769d ago


You do realize GTX 780ti out performs the titan and costs 300usd cheaper.

Also BF4 is the most demanding game out there right now. Just because BF4 runs at low FPS doesnt mean thats the result for rest of the games. If anything you can be assured most games will run fine. Sure you may want to up the setup to SLI or CF which would perform much better. While you are at that you dont need to go for the most expensive GPUs since their performance / $ is terrible. You could easily load up a pair of GTX 770s and get much better performance than a GTX 780ti.

Magicite1769d ago

@Beastforlifenoob - Titan is a joke of a card(considering its price).
Atm R9 290X, 290, GTX780, 780Ti and 7990 beat Titan in both price and performance (some need an OC to do that).

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FRAKISTAN1769d ago

aren't forbes the one who said that the must have console for Christmas is the wii u

Prime1571769d ago

I saw it was from Forbes and didn't want to click through. None of the comments have made me think I should, too.

mobijoker1769d ago

I can't help but think NVidea suddenly becoming a lot more creative after losing the console graphics chip war with AMD.....

no_more_heroes1769d ago

Like their in a "I'll show you for snubbing me!" kind of rage, right?

Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that.

kingduqc1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

I bet nvidia was never creative, that's why their not creative people working there got more then 2/3 of the matket share on both consumer and pro gpu.

Edit: Stop thinking a company worth billion hold grudge and act like a person. It's entity is solly based on making money and the console deal wasn't paying enough simple as that if your too dense to think otherwise well you are simply wrong.

Truehellfire1769d ago

Yeahhhh, except that nVidia has steadily released new and creative features for many years now. They aren't doing this because they don't have a chip inside the new consoles. They are doing this because they know screen tearing is a major problem and they came up with a solution which makes their cards more appealing than the competition.

ninjahunter1769d ago

I know right? G-sync, Collaboration with Valve, Shadowplay, Nvidia shield, as well as a double in their streaming capabilities to shield, enhanced linux support, nvidia experience (If your into that sort of thing), prototyping keplar based GPUs on mobile.

And the ATI guys are like "Im sure AMD will come up with competition for these features.... their bound to make a push eventually... right? Amd? You there?... ile just be over here...."

tehnoob31769d ago

nVidia declined the offer. The margins are too low.

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