How Gran Turismo 6 Shows The Real Potential Power Of The PS4

Grainger Games takes a look at PlayStation 3 smash Gran Turismo 6, and how the game's technical wizardry underlines the PlayStation 4's potential power.

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Abash1769d ago

I suggest to anyone who loves Gran Turismo the following - Get GT6 now, it's amazing so well done. Any Gran Turismo game for the PS4 is still at the very least a year away so no reason to wait when the game is so good

fatalis951769d ago

Has this game still got the disqualify thing in for touching other cars? i would get disqualified 73x on some races XD. Still GT5 was awesome.

kneon1769d ago

That doesn't happen during normal races, only during events such as license tests.

SolidStoner1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

not only that.. but also Online, but it depends on server admins.. many options to choose from.. Online department is the real simulation here.. we got everything there starting from practice laps, qualify and damage (mechanical, not visual).. ending with almost any limitations admin wants..

still need couple of updates and shuffle racing back.. but it will be updated ASAP..

Mr Marvel1769d ago

Agreed, GT6 is amazing!

Jdub895O1768d ago

Im going to disagree with this. Its not that amazing. Its literally half of GT5 and missing more than half of the features on the back of the box itself. As a longtime GT fan im not impressed. If you never played a GT game than yes it is amazing but if your a hardcore like me than be prepared.

Note that the full game download is only 14.5 gigs on psn. Compare that to GT5.

Me-Time1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Course Maker, GPS App Course Maker still to come, Quick Match and Community features still to come in updates (so get it NOW if you have an internet connection...?). We'll without question get more cars for free and more free/paid DLC will be available with GT6.

GT5 was about 18-19 GB. But how does that say anything? At the end of the day, there are more tracks and cars than in GT5, plus... wow, never mind.

xjatsx1769d ago

I agree loving it on the t500 rs. Its a big improvement over gt5. The reply on gt6 cockpit view if only it was actual gameplay. gives u an insight on what gt7 gameplay would be like.

Mr Marvel1769d ago

After using the T500RS in GT6, you can never go back.

GT6 + T500RS = The greatest gaming racing experience ever!

SniperControl1768d ago

Wish I could afford a T500! Just bought a Logi G27, a massive step up from a Logi Driving Force EX lol.

theXtReMe11769d ago

This video does actually show the reason why Gran Turismo will look so good on next gen systems. You can tell where the development team made choices to get this game to run as it does on the PS3. The background buildings and landscape are low resolution, sometimes 2D. But, even so, the game looks phenomenal and really pushes the PS3 to its limits. Its amazing how good it looks and promises how incredible the future of the brand will be on the more powerful hardware.

Everything will be full 3D, with global illumination, 1080p, 60fps and material and world modeling and simulation. Weather should look and behave realistically, as will the handling in these conditions.

So, what does everyone else want to see in the PS4 version of Gran Turismo?

Ripsta7th1769d ago

System* this is an exclusive

XiSasukeUchiha1769d ago

GT5 Was pretty damn close in fidelity to Forza 5

Pintheshadows1768d ago

The fact is if GT6 had anti aliasing, improved textures and better shadows it would easily compete with Forza 5. The Matterhorn is stunning to look at. Absolutely stunning.


am I the only person that thought this game was boring? The physics, damage, opponents, cardboard cut out trees and muddy backdrops, etc. It's not a bad game, but it is wayyyy to similar to GT5 just with more cars, I am currently enjoying Forza 5 as EVERYTHING about it is way better excluding the amount of content, but thats a given since every car and track is 100% new and not a copy & paste from past entries. Wake me up when GT7 comes out for PS4!

dark-kyon1769d ago

is boring if you not like driving.

SoapShoes1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )


Forza 5...
What is in Forza 5?
Complaints about GT6 that are in Forza 5...
What the freaking heck...

I don't even...

Physics in GT6 are realistic and do a better job in accurately simulating driving than GT5 and Forza. If you find simulators boring, don't play them. Cardboard cutout trees? Are you talking about the 2D specators, wait that's Forza 5 because GT6 used 3D spectators. Forza 5 also uses 2D trees? Yup! The fact that you say it's similar to GT5 with more content shows you haven't even played it.

Pintheshadows1768d ago

I agree with everything you said. The trend these days is to criticise based on something they have read rather than playing the game for themselves. I think it is getting more transparent as they just spout the same ill informed nonsense over and over again.

GT6 is a superior racing game to Forza. Forza isn't even a sim. Cars do not handle like they do in Forza. There is no learning curve. There is no disparity in handling characteristics between an mid engined and a front engined car. The weight and placement of the engine is not taken in to account at all.

Forza, with 5, has gone down an even more arcade route than the rest of the series. Forza 4 is superior in every way.

GT6 stands on its own. It is the best racing game I have ever played, bar none.

kingPoS1768d ago

Your right about the 3D spectators in GT6. (I'm not sure track it was) When I slid out control into a fence, a couple spectators cringed back like I going to busrt off the track and run them over.

Spectators are live = awesome stuff!

Gateway MT6706 2008

The93Sting1768d ago

forza 5 crowds = cardboard and they even dont MOVE!


SoulSercher6201768d ago

Forza 5 better than GT6? I think it's you who's on crack.

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