Female Game Developers Can’t Even Submit A Game To Greenlight Without Receiving Harassment

Zoe Quinn resubmitted her game Depression Quest to Greenlight recently so that it may be considered for distribution on Steam. It seems that the mere idea that a female developer could hope to have her game on Steam was enough for a bunch of online users, mostly from notorious bulletin board 4chan, to launch a harassment campaign against her.

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dieforgame1823d ago

Don't feed the trolls. Should be advise anyone should take especially if they are going to be in the public spotlight.
Not to defend 4chan or anything but, female or not, 4chan would have found a way to harass the dev if they kept responding to every thing they did.
For example: 4chan and Phil Fish's interactions. Always bundles of fun that.

PhantomTommy1823d ago

"Don't feed the trolls" isn't good enough anymore. According to her twitter, guys were calling her up and masturbating over the phone. That's not being a troll, that's the absolute lowest of the low.

sashimi1823d ago

wait what....i don't even have a response to that. Those /facepalm

worldwidegaming1823d ago

welcome to the internet!
No matter how much you scream no one cares.
"Sad but true"
If you get into a room full of stupid men you should know what to expect.

Neckbear1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

It's amusing this article mentions 4chan when those images don't even match the post numbers or general look of 4chan, after all, it isn't the only imageboard out there.

And from the thread it's from, the main issue with the game is that it inaccurately portrays depression (coming from really depressed people) and that it's basically lol1stworldproblems4u. That's the main issue.

Not the person itself, THE FREAKING GAME. Think for once about what this woman is writing and try to see if it makes ANY sense. She's just crying for attention because it's easy publicity for herself and her game.

dedicatedtogamers1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

The way people treated her is unacceptable, even if it has become par for the course (how embarrassing that this is what the online videogame community is often known for)

But what is worse? This story will get circulated round and round by RPS, Kotaku, IGN, and everyone else as some sort of "downtrodden women" story and everyone will shout about how it's terrible.

But when it was time to pile on Phil Fish earlier this year and treat him the exact same way, that was okay, right? It was okay because...well, he's a guy and he was being a big ol' meanie jerk, right?

I think the hypocrisy of the game media is just as disgusting as the situation itself. As Neckbear said, only one side of the story is being represented. Is this game a good reflection of true depression? Is this issue getting attention because the dev team includes a woman? That - itself - is sexist, isn't it?

xHeavYx1823d ago

I feel really sorry for people from places like 4chan whose purpose in life is doing this, bunch of low life losers

KillrateOmega1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

What the **** is wrong with people, man?

If you are so pathetic that you willing to send someone death threats, be lewd towards, and/or insult someone simply because of how they were born, then you are disgusting coward and the world would be better off without you.

wolfsaviorzx1823d ago

Meh this is the gaming community. You either adapt or you die. Tired of girls crying and thinking they get a free pass. Phil Fish didn't and neither will she. If people want gamers to be less aggresive, than more anti-bullying must be done at schools. Jock pick on nerds, nerds pick on hipsters. It's life, got to stop the initial cause of bullying but nobody will cause lol they have big muscles and guns.

Shadowstar1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

@dedicatedtogamers : "But when it was time to pile on Phil Fish earlier this year and treat him the exact same way, that was okay, right?"

Wait, I thought the stuff about him was about people criticizing his games and him getting all upset about it, not random people calling his phone and masturbating at him. Was he actually getting shit like that? That's totally not okay, and it sounds like the game sites buried the lede if it was.

PoSTedUP1823d ago

its a free to play browser game and it does accurately depict depression, ive read through half of it and watched some of the other half of it. ive had depression and have written lenghty research papers on it. whats donated goes to an organization that helps depression. so the excuse that ppl are attacking it because it doesnt give an accurate idea of depression is BS.

PeaSFor1823d ago

Drama queen feeding the trolls, nothing to see here.

Lord_Sloth1822d ago

So how did they get her number?

UncleGermrod1822d ago

That is just a low-life, scumbag act. These are the type of filthy little losers that take it too far and someone should basically ruin their day. But anyhow, it's too bad that people like this continue to work their best to hold back gaming culture. Good thing it really isn't working. Too bad some form of legal action couldn't be taken.

iamnsuperman1822d ago

That is more than low. That is worrying for them. The people I have heard doing this have mental problems (a friend of mine worked in a university helpline and this happened a lot. They usually have various issues)

SilentNegotiator1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

"Meh this is the gaming community"

No, it isn't. Incidents like these are always a small handful of people. Not the game community or internet as a whole, majority, or even any sort of significant minority.

No need to be "ashamed" of the gaming community when stuff like this happens because it isn't "the community". It would be like being ashamed of all of your neighbors because some guy in your state is a rapist.

It's just a handful of dicks from 4chan. Period.

DOMination-1822d ago Show
DragonKnight1822d ago

And it wasn't even 4Chan, it was wizardchan.

neogeo1822d ago Show
PS4FEVER1822d ago

it's USA, not surprised to hear about this crap. How did they get her number.

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frostypants1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Simple solution: stay off of 4chan.

SeraphimBlade1823d ago

That's really helpful advice for when you're getting directly harassed over the phone.

Sony3601823d ago

Even though she never went to 4chan in the first place.

Great thinking there.

Christopher1822d ago

She never went to 4chan. Someone on 4chan made a post about her and others called out for her to be harassed.

JD_Shadow1822d ago

Yeah, and now you see why I have never went there. 4chan is an utter cesspool.

bsmith611822d ago

Yes please, we don't need any more idiots from reddit shitting up the site.

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Qrphe1823d ago

This, plus free publicity.

Christopher1822d ago

It's weird to see people use the argument that this happens just as much to some other developers who are not male when the proper response should be "How do we stop being from being [another word for penis] on the Internet?"

I get that she isn't having it as hard as some other people, but our response shouldn't be that and nothing else.

This isn't about being a White Knight, this is about expecting some modicum of human decency no matter where you are. Internet including.

If you don't solve the issue, the Internet will remain as it is or grow worse over time. And then people question why others want it to be governed with people like this out there?

DragonKnight1822d ago

The issue can't be solved without removing liberties. The internet is a place of free speech, and some will abuse that.

What happened to her was awful, no one can argue that, but the correct answer really is to just ignore it. Either that, or be for laws that will force censorship and remove the freedom people have online.

4Chan is where the dregs of the internet dwell but they're like children. They will move on to something else just as quickly as they came. By calling attention to this, it's just going to rile up 4Chan even more and her life is now going to be made even more miserable because of it.

Part of the blame lands on social justice warriors who've made it nearly impossible to take serious cases like hers seriously because they exaggerate everything and play the victim card so much that you will see people looking for a reason to defend 4Chan on this.

The government being involved in the internet would be the absolute worst thing to do. Why everyone uses that as a default option is mind boggling as it just screams lack of knowledge of the results of what that entails.

rainslacker1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

We can only hold ourselves accountable for our own actions. We could judge those that we see, and make them go away by ignoring them(not feeding the trolls), or moderating them(something you should know about).

The problem I have with articles like these is that they always make it into a issue involving gender, race, age, whatever. It's never about how the community is full of others that don't have any respect for others, all while trying to make it seem like it's everyone(or most) people that are like this.

Most of these articles come across as a rallying cry for change or to get everyone to hate against those that just want to get everyone riled up, as opposed to just ignoring the trolls and interacting with those that actually provide positive and constructive discussion. Or worse, they come across as a cry for attention, or even worse a promotional gimmick. Not going to say what this article is, because I'm not really familiar with everything involved.

I don't believe the internet should be governed. Moderated perhaps, but on a site by site basis.

I've run Bullenten boards and forums before there was a world wide web, and I can tell you 100% that if you don't give attention to these attention seeking morons, and you take away people's access to something they want because they harass others like this woman has claimed, they quickly find other places to go, or they straighten their a** up. It's exactly how society works off-line. We don't need a policing agent on the net to bring out the best in people. We just need to show that we either ignore, or don't accept this type of behavior. Community always rules in the long term.

Note:Edited for language...forgot I was responding to a mod.:)

Highatus1822d ago

Not to say I would condone taking away user rights on the internet, I do feel if anonymity was taken away a lot of BS would be cleared up.

It's sad to see people have nothing better to do with their time then to start a hate campaign for something that could potentially help others.

assdan1822d ago

If it ended at 4chan, I'd agree. It's pathetic that some people made harassing phone calls.

HighResHero1822d ago

Something isn't right about this story.

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Rockefellow1823d ago

Oh, what a load of bullshit. I can't wait for Patricia Hernandez to conjure up some excessively long, poorly written rant on Kotaku tying this into the industry as a whole.

Qrphe1823d ago

Her nrxt headline will be "Should over the phone harassment be considered rape?"

Christopher1822d ago

Wait, you say it's bullshit that this person is being treated this way? Or are you saying it's bullshit that this is even worth talking about?

DragonKnight1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

He's saying that this will be immensely overblown and used as part of feminist agenda and that we won't hear the end of this from sites parroting it over and over and over again blaming male gamers the world over and talking about how women are oppressed. This girl was harassed, but she was not oppressed. Most women who claim oppression don't even know what oppression really is.

@theDECAY: Where did I even say that this was ok at all? Nowhere. The actual part of the problem are people like you that don't bother to read, who jump to conclusions and would blanket blame people for what a small minority of morons did. The entire internet doesn't need to hear, ad nauseum, that a$$holes were a$$holes and that it matters because it was a girl. This isn't anything new going on, but now we're going to get to hear about it for the next month because she needs to be protected from the evil male trolls of the entire world despite the fact that it was wizardchan that were the problem.

theDECAY1822d ago

You, sir, are apart of the problem. The whole issue is that we shouldn't have to be talking about this at all. Let her submit her ideas without people being assh*les to her. Jesus.

rainslacker1822d ago


The moment she wrote up this story for our perusal made it an issue worth talking about. People are harassed all the time. There are proper authorities to go to in most cases, such as people the people on the phone. In fact, that's a federal offense.

We all know there are idiots out there that do this kind of stuff. I doubt most people here accept it or would partake in it. What most of us are tired of is how it's become way too common for stories like this to pop up, and then we see for the next few weeks sites throwing in their own two cents trying to reform something in the most shallow of ways.

This will get tied to a problem within the industry as a whole. This will get tied into a problem with the community as a whole.

What this is, is one person's story about a group of people, who have no relation to me or most people on here outside a common interest in games, being complete jerks.

Most of the community IS NOT LIKE THIS! Most of the industry IS NOT LIKE THIS! There are real problems involving sexism and racism in the world, and in the gaming industry. And none of these types of articles, or their followup articles, do anything to rectify the situation in any meaningful way.

SilentNegotiator1822d ago

I feel the same way.

I'm sick of seeing all of the articles and idiots that equate 0.001% of gamers doing something, like death threats, sexual harassment, etc as some sort of ominous look at the entire industry/gamers.

Kyosuke_Sanada1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

I look at it like this, am I going to throw away my hard work due to people who don't have courage to say something face to face? Then I would politely ignore their attempts.......

TopDudeMan1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Wait, I don't get it, why are people doing this?

ps: I am embarrassed for the whole gamer community on the internet for this ridiculousness.

Demster1823d ago

i've been embarrassed since the new consoles were announced and this whole fanboy bs started.
This is just like the cherry on top.
They really need to get a life or at least play with some class, like normal people.

Monkeycan81823d ago

Where have you been? This "war" has been going on since The PS2 era.

Seafort1823d ago

The fanboy crap has been going on since apes evolved into humans. This is human nature it was just more violent and face to face conflict :)

The 4chan idiots are probably "normal" people in the real world but when they go on the internet and are under the anonymous banner they turn into dickheads.

This is what happens when cowards hide behind the internet wall.

wolfsaviorzx1823d ago

To the 2 below. The fanboyism during the PS2/GC/XB/DC era was nothing compared to what it is now. Back than we wanted to play games and we all owned a PS2 (most sold console ever). A few of us also owned a Gamecube and/or Xbox. Xbox 360 came out and Sony fanboys was so pissed at Xbox Fans when Sony fucked up (599.99 US Dollars). Xbox Fans were mostly pissed at Microsoft when the DRM stuff came about for Xbone (look at the pre-orders). Playstation is a great brand, but it's fanboys are something else lol

Qrphe1823d ago

There has been Internet console shitflinging since the early days of Google Groups before the N64 even released. This is nothing new at all.

rainslacker1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )


This stuff existed on AOL and Compuserve, and Newsgroups before that, and Bullenboard forums before that, and the school play ground before that, and the next door neighbors kid(usually your best friend) before that.

The World Wide Web(what is now the internet) is just bigger, and puts everyone into one place, so it seems like more of a problem. It's not even really a problem, just more annoying than before because we can't just go play each others games like with our next door neighbors kid.

I don't feel embarrassed or ashamed to be a gamer at all. No matter what field of discussion, place of employment, or venue of socialization, there will always be people that act unacceptably towards others.

I don't feel that those people represent me, or those that I associate with in any way. If people act like this, I DO NOT associate with them, because I find it unacceptable.

If others want to judge us based on stereotypes, that's their own business to stay ignorant. If it happens to be something that directly affects me, such as video games cause violent behavior so ban/censor games, then I will speak out on it. Otherwise, let people live in their own little worlds.

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IcicleTrepan1823d ago

Cuz only people that are gamers are capable of calling and harassing people over the phone.

TopDudeMan1823d ago

Yes, you're right, non-gamers do these crazy things too, but this is gamers this time and it's in a game-related issue and as a member of that group of people who call themselves gamers, it is my right- no, not my right, my responsibility to be embarrassed for all of us.

If we don't weed this crap out, it'll keep happening and we'll get a bad rep for it.

Neckbear1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

There are women that upload games to Greenlight and Steam every day and they don't receive this kind of treatment. There are male game devs that have had it just as bad, if not worse. What a crappy sensationalistic article.

She's just being a huge attention whore. "Fight it out"? Seriously? And taking some of those posts as legit, besides? One that calls women SUCCUBI of all things?!

C'mon! Besides, the issue here wasn't the lady herself to begin with, it was the freaking game. Understandably.

ELpork1823d ago

Male game developers get people calling them up beating it in the phone?

Neckbear1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

They get dildo boxes mailed to their houses and people harassing their families on the phone.

And I'm sure they've had a few of those too, regardless. But besides, why do you even trust what she's saying? She's obviously building a small scenario where she's prosecuted by creeps in her head, all to report to news sites, a few lies to make the story more impactful wouldn't be so out of there.

dedicatedtogamers1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

They get death threats and - pound for pound - people like Cliffy B or Peter Molyneux endure a thousand times more insult and stress compared to this girl.

Oh, but it's a girl. And people made sexual remarks toward her. That makes it *worse* right? Gimme a break. You Internet Crusaders realize that it's actually considered sexist to play White Knight, right? It's considered sexism to be overly-protective toward women and not men. Lotta self-proclaimed feminists seem to forget that.

KillrateOmega1823d ago



cleft51823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Adam Orth and his entire family was harassed because of what he said over Twitter. What is happening to her is wrong, but it isn't unique to her gender and to downplay the harassment that male developers has received is equally wrong. The difference here is that her case is getting attention and a lot of that is because people are sensationalizing this do to her gender. Remember the abuse that Phil Fish took.

What happened here is really messed up and the fact that there isn't much she can do is equally wrong. Their needs to be laws in place that catch up to the modern times. A comments on a web forum is one thing, but to call up someone and masturbate over the phone is a step above saying something stupid over the internet and their should be serious repercussions for that.

ELpork1823d ago

The fact that people feel everybody should just deal with hate sad. Can't wait till you have to put up with shit like that... well most of you never will because, lol, let's face it, none of you are gonna do anything important with what time you have left... Aside from defending hate speech I guess.

rainslacker1822d ago


Harassing people on the phone is illegal. It is a federal offense. Dunno if she tried to contact the authorities, but I'm sure what happened constitutes as some form of sexual assault.


Almost everyone, at some point in their lives has to put up with some crap like this to varying degrees. Often times more than once in their life.

In fact your derogatory comment insinuating that we are losers who will do nothing important is just one such form of harassment. Is it as bad? No? Is it any better? No. Are we going to ignore and disregard your opinion because of it? I know I will.

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