Gamespot's Ps3 Game of the Year winner

"Ellie is a remarkably well-adjusted teenager. Her maturity and resiliency as society crumbles beneath her feet and as everyone she cares about dies a horrible death are heartening, but it's not her strength that makes The Last of Us so important. Rather, it's how this PlayStation 3-exclusive drew us into this bleak world and made us develop a strong emotional connection to the nomadic residents trying to survive in the only ways they know how. We understood what it would be like to live with so much crushing despair, and as we saw people react like the animals they are, we questioned what we would do if the tables were turned."

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Walker1769d ago

So gamespot's GOTY will be TLoU !

Ezz20131769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

goes to show how tom's review mean nothing when the rest of GameSpot staff disagree
i wouldn't be shocked if it manage to win the overall GOTY on GameSpot and IGN and the rest of major sites

so far i have seen numbers of sites give GOTY to TLOU

anyway,TLOU is my GOTG and that's all what matters to me

Lovable1769d ago

The result was inevitable. I don't praise game if it didn't impact me enough. This is the best game this gen for me hands down.

BelkingOfSony1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

The Last Of Us - Game Of The Generation

MegaSackman1769d ago

Even the multiplayer is fantastic.

sashimi1769d ago

Still playing it so it must be good and i'm not even that big on MP of most games.

ThunderSpark1769d ago

Please stop trolling. We all know you're an Xbox one fan, no need for you to be in this thread.

kratos_TheGoat1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Me a xbox fan even thou i like xbox i like sony as well I bet money i got more ps3 games then u. what you me to be like you a fanboy to pretend Tlou gotd nope even mgs4 is better then tlou

TheFallenAngel1769d ago

The Last of Us is a brilliant game. it deserves game of the year easily. I can't wait for a sequel.

king_george1769d ago

Day one buy for me if they release a sequel for sure. The story can go so many different ways. Like for example ellie can find out that joel lied to her at the end of the first game and they can launch the story from there. I want more from this world definitely.

skydragoonity1769d ago

My xbox friends played TLOU & immediately ditched their xboxes & got ps3's lol... Every gamer needs to play this game because it can't be explained... only experienced

ltachiUchiha1769d ago

The multiplayer kicks azz. I can see alot of Gears of War fans enjoying TLOU Online. Its like a mixture of Gears of War but more stealthy & just like Gears of War if u try an run up on a squad of 2 or 3 players, u will get killed. Alot of ppl are enjoying the hell out of the multiplayer & is why I wished they also brought the game over to the ps4. This game is amazing in every way from the campaign to online multiplayer. My favorite game of all time.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1769d ago

If you've got a shotgun in gears 3 the whole enemy team is at risk of you rushing

ltachiUchiha1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )


Gears of war 2 was the last gears game I played on xbl & stopped paying for xbl because of all the cheating host who used server host advantage where the match would start & they would use the standby button to freeze up the game for a bit & once we were able to move, my whole team was wiped out by that one person.

The shotty was a very affective rushing weapon but if u notice if u ran up on a squad that were good range killers, u would not stand a chance because while u were getting tagged by bullets while trying to run into cover those bullets would slow u down & u would get downed fast especially if there were more then one guy tagging u at the same time.

Omran1769d ago

Well Deserved
and VGX awards can
go to hell :)

BelkingOfSony1769d ago

VGX awards should be renamed to VGXbox awards, all xbox fanboys voted for gta v to win so that tlou would not win.

ABizzel11769d ago

It's not even an XBox award show, because I don't think an Xbox game has ever won GOTY with them, but a PS3 game did.

VGA / VGX is nothing, but a wanna be pop-culture gaming event, who often times pick the easy win. Every few years they throw the real winners a bone.

FunkMacNasty1769d ago

regardless of how lame or unlame the VGA's are, did GTA V not even at least deserve a nomination?

I personally would have a hard time choosing between the TloU and GTA V.. I think those two games are the best ones I played in 2013

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