Until Dawn still in development, more details coming in 2014


I got in touch with Samuels to clarify the original story, and as it happens, Until Dawn is not cancelled.

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Hatsune-Miku1822d ago

Awesome. This game looks good from all the previews I've seen

Evil_Abed1822d ago

Honestly? It looks horrible.

MrSwankSinatra1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

honestly i think this game should go in a different direction. cause it could possibly have potential if done correctly. when you think sony they have a franchise that appeals to a certain audience.

Uncharted - Action Adventure
God Of War - Hack n Slash
Infamous - Open World
Killzone - First Person Shooter
Twisted Metal - Car Combat
Jak & Daxter/Ratchet & Clank/Sly Cooper - Platformer
MotorStorm - Arcade Racer
Gran Turismo - Sim Racer
Demon's Souls - Action RPG
Syphon Filter - Stealth

an so on & so forth, but they never really had a horror game. to be clear until dawn could be something more than just a move title that has inspiration from teen mellow drama horror movies.

MrSwankSinatra1822d ago

ah your're right i totally forgot about siren.

Tontus1822d ago

Sony need a western RPG, some believe Sony Santa Monica's new IP is an open world sci-fi RPG, that would be beyond awesome.

Apparently Guerrilla Games are working on a RPG?

lnvisibleMan1822d ago

What other games have the developers 'Supermassive Games' worked on?

TedCruzsTaint1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Really though, they've essentially just done small jobs up until now. I wouldn't say that is reflective of the studio itself, however.
Extraordinary works have come from development houses whose back-catalog is weaker than is seen here.
Hell, the developers of 1886 - my most anticipated for the PS4 - Ready at Dawn have only worked on ports and handhelds in their time as a developer.

Ultr1822d ago

Yeah but ready at dawn delivered ultra mega super awesome handheld games :D
Just saying ^^

Walker1822d ago

"Until Dawn still in development"
Doesn't matter :/

DanielGearSolid1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Never heard of this game until it was rumored cancelled

DanielGearSolid1822d ago

How someone can disagree with these comments is beyond me

90Supra1822d ago

Yea.....don't really care about the disagrees

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The story is too old to be commented.